Rescue Journal

my family increases...tyra and lexi and i welcome......

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2008

oh god...maude is just not doing well mentally right now...dementia or brain tumour?...she is freaking out and darting around like she sees dead people or something, her balance is off and her back end is weak...i don't think it is dementia, why does she have to be so freaking old?!...ask why i don't send her in for a ct scan to look for a tumour?...cuz rule number one in extreme senior and palliative care is you do not stress them out looking for something that you cannot fix anyway....if you cannot treat the cause, then you hope to treat the symptoms.
sunrise's euth is booked for 11:45 tomorrow morning at the clinic, we just couldn't arrange a home visit cuz the vets are all booked too solid. please don't be too scared little buddy, you are such a sweet, sweet cat.

so tonight i officially adopted maude and frodo AND i adopted dixie-chick too. i know she hates my guts and has for her entire 5 yrs of life with me but no one but me is ever really going to love her so i think i am better than nothing at all.(AND i already apologized for live trapping you twice and using a catch pole the last time we moved house and home so get over it, it got you here safe and sound really quickly to your beloved ogidie instead of waiting a week for you to get into a trap again!) besides we do have a few things in common...we both did adore ogidie, we both loved our amazingly special hook, we both miss truly gentle julie alot. AND we like the same bed there you go, some common ground to build our family is ok dix, you can still keep hating me even if i am now your family, it happens in families sometimes.



oh no Eva!! When I think of Saints, I think of you too!! But it is so important to look after yourself as you can't always get your health back. Hope to see you sometime.

Eva Stock

Thanks guys;
I will drop in tomorrow and finish the charts as to all that is on the blog and drop off the rabbit treats. Eva Did all the deceased and filled in all the sheets and made up the vet sheets fro the inner office and also for the office in the mp room. The contracts are now on front and back instead of two sheets. Also did the rocks. Took Jessie for a walk. Sure missed Oka and Sunrise and Clover and Simon. Your adoptions are also done. Eva


i am sorry you are retiring, but he's right you are going to give yourself another stroke. i cut the bunnies up a few apples so at least you don't need to worry about them tonight.


you will be missed a lot at saints eva. in the short time i have come to know you i have found a very caring and compassionate person. but you have to do what you have to do. i wish you all the best and i know all the animals will miss their nanny. hope you can visit once in awhile.

Eva Stock

God bless all the animals that have passed recently and I hope the losses will soon stop for Saints.
I am finally admitting that it is time to retire and so I will finish up small tasks today after the football games and I will update all the charts and not leave anything in a mess. The doc feels I need more time to myself and more rest.

Very hard for me to do and I will miss all the animals so much and all the people too. I will be moving when I can find a place closer to town but will still be able to call and make lunch dates etc. if you all are not too busy.

So glad to hear that some donations are coming in and more of Saints dreams will be realized. Such an awesome place!! All the best to everyone and keep up the good work. I hope I helped a little too. Bye for now. Eva


Congratulations on the additions to your family Carol. How is Ty doing, seizures under control?

Marie Bellemare

If you did not exist Carol we would have to invent you ! thank you Carol... and specially surrounding sunrise with peaceful vibes. with love, marie