Rescue Journal

back to work tomorrow but since it is a stat holiday, that is ok with me.

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2008

we actually got thru alot today. it was 4:30 before i finished the dump run and made it to the pharmacy to re-fill some of the meds. but everything got done today including the final flea treatments for everyone for the season. of course all i can smell is advantage tonight...and i accidently kissed sissy on her neck which was icky...but the hard frost is here now so most of them (not the demodex dogs) get a chemical free vacation til spring. oh god...winter is coming..i gotta lot to do to get ready!

the dogs killed 50 million stuffies in the shop today...they thought it was fun, however, i on clean up thought... not so much.

pissed off pigs tonight...ellie is choked cuz tunie pooped on her bed...i cleaned it off but ellie still knows. tunie is choked cuz i put a new blanket in her bed tonight and tunie does not like anything new.


milo is sweetly needy.

ty likes bones.

jewel is freaking funny.

beau is freaking cute.

maude is settled.

phyllis is adorable.

oka is happy but is starting to look like crap.

cleo has a sore shoulder.

spritely's foot looks worrisome.

spot is not wasting so much hay.

the rock hates advantage, he'd rather have fleas.

cody went home with zoe.

and jesse shared my pizza for supper with me.

happy thanksgiving everyone.



yay cody hope you have a great time with zoe and happy thanksgiving everyone hope you have a fun time at your familys for dinner carol it was fun in the shop with the dogs, especially with the dot chasing log eating oka.