Rescue Journal

being thankful

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2008

today i am thankful for countless things...

like all the people who help and support us, in many different ways, our volunteers, our donors, our staff, our vets and their clinic staff, our friends who pop in and help when they can, the folks who cheer us on and shed a tear for our pain, and anyone, in any way, anywhere in the world who pactices kindness, caring and respect as much as they possibly can.

i am thankful i actually have decent floors that i can bleach for all of us here.i am thankful that our food bins and storage room is full of food for them all to eat.

i am thankful for every single animal that i have had the true pleasure to know...including the pain in the neck ones (except maybe not so much for hank the rooster, i can't actually think of anything nice to say about him...except i highly respected his ability to survive on his own for weeks without getting eaten, he was stunningly beautiful and i was very happy that he did get a very good home, somewhere away from here.) yes i am thankful for phoebe of course but i'd be even more grateful if she could truly live happily here as the miracle headless dog cuz then she'd be perfect and easier to live with for sure.

i am utterly thankful that al cared about homeless animals, and now we can securely fence the bottom field and get rid of the micky mouse fence we currently have...but even more for giving me the gift of mugsy and cleo who loves me.....mugsy the baggy buddha is permanently burned in my brain as an artwork of flawed perfection that defines my beloved saints.

i am grateful that i have a heart that can still miss bill and wee hopeful bug and regret my inability to care for my most beloved clyde anymore....i can still physically feel to touch of him...spikey hair, rock solid muscles, smooth, warm and trustingly asleep in my arms.

i could list a million and a half things including the very best family in the world that i am so lucky to have been given...but...

then i would be late for work!

thank you to everyone who has helped made me thankful today and have loved the saints as much as i do.



We're thankful for the fact that SAINTS exists. There is no other Sanctuary like it. Without SAINTS we would not be sharing the lives of Molly, Mabel and Tucker, and our world would be much the poorer.

I'm glad you have the fortitude to put up with the never ending animal and human dramas that you face, Carol.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving Carol and your crew... I am so very thankful you took Bonnie in when we were desperate and she was facing death (any news on her?) I'm also thankful for your blog, which has taught me so much about unconditional love and hard work!


Happy Thanksgiving to all at SAINTS from Nudge, Jenny Two (former SAINTS cats) and Toad.