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the way of the world

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2008

i had a nice dinner with my family except the topic of conversation was of course, the upcoming election. my family accepts the fact that i am totally ignorant of canadian politics...but like the US, it is a complicated stupid party system that drives me totally family however, are interested in the world of politics and like to try to educate me. i don't need education in politics, politics needs an education in honesty.

i find politics in politics as frustrating as i do in rescue because all of it is just a big fat is all about what SOUNDS real good, what will garner the most is not about beliefs and committment and ethics and values...there is no real passion for anything except to sound good.

here is an daughter (a communication/political science major) told me that one of the parties was stupid enough to tell Quebec they were cutting the federal funding to the arts, just before an election. apparently the arts are very important to the people of Quebec so that party just lost themselves a ton of votes, now they are back tracking to get them back. my take on this is if they fully intend to cut the federal arts budget, then they damn well better say they are and why they think it is a good idea and stand behind it cuz they truly believe it is the right thing to do...not wait until after the election because it might affect their chance to win and then cut it without giving folks a chance to say yes or no with their vote. or even worse, change their minds completely because the arts meant little until they discovered it was unpopular to think they are just liars who don't obviously believe in anything except trying to get out of trouble as fast as they can. back pedaling bullcrap.
you watch the political commercials and it is about slamming the other guy. we do the same in rescue...we are not as committed to living what we believe in as we are in taking pot shots at others instead. it is a lazy and cheating way to win anything. if the only way you can win is to knock the opposition off a cliff...then what exactly did you win anyway? it takes at least two functioning parties to finish a race and see who actually came in first. if only one guy is running cuz he knocked everyone else off...who did he win against?

nothing and no one at all....big freaking deal....and what choice did we actually have?...none...we just got stuck with the lesser or greater of one evil...are we supposed to shout hurray?!

i don't have a lot of patience for bullshit nor tolerance for empty words. knee jerk reactions and superficial or selfish one sided thinking spell not a good bet for responsible and ethical accountability. take it a step further and place all of the eggs in an empty basket of words...and gee you have our whole corporate, socio-economic, political structure of lies that are supposed to be supporting our world and it means nothing to anyone anyway.

words are only the vehicle to get there so then you can do what you want without penalty.
it is just a house of cards folks. it means nothing, it can not stand the slightest breeze...there is no substance or structure to hold it up. sooooo easy to make words sound soooooo very good but words of only themselves have no meaning or action....they are empty til you actually back them up with something instead of words in the air or on paper...lets try words that are written in stone.

why can't we find people to believe in who don't need the speech writers, who don't need the publicists or the campaign managers to tell them what to say to win. why would we even think for a second that a ladder climbing underhanded pot shot taker has even the least bit of integrity? why do we think bullshit is better than the truth anyway? and who votes for a freaking party? why can't we vote for the PERSON instead?
and break this down further to this small world of rescue...why is the work that each of us does on our own... not enough to fill up our cup? why do we have to put someone else down so we look like we actually are able to stand up?.....? who are we thinking we might impress this way? ourselves? someone else?...reality check..... maybe no one at all.

i don't like the way that world is now, full of bullshit, make believe, finger pointing and out and out lies.

politics bores me because it is so phony so i came home to be with the animals. it may not be perfect here but it is perfectly long as i don't let it get buried with bullshit like everything else...geez...even my job is more about the paper words now than it is about the people i actually care for.

here's my new party line that i am going to try really hard to live up to.... "i say what i do and i do what i say"...nothing else really matters....nothing else is really all that true anyway.
sigh, my family mentally exhausts me....a visit with them and my mind is awhirl..i am too old for whirling minds.



Your family mentally exhausts you because you raised your children to think for themselves and not to be passive observers of their own lives. Your kids aren't sheep (no offense to sheep intended).

As a person who holds a B.A. in Political Science, I am a political animal, but not when it comes to animals. Rescue is an incestuous little clusterfuck sometimes, too little glory, too many egos.

A naive friend recently asked why rescue is such a down and dirty competition, and basically asked why everyone can't just get along. Poor foolish woman. As long as humans are involved, any event, cause or enterprise is damned to have huge fissures. It's the nature of the beast.