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 ·  Oct. 14, 2008

We adopted Little Face at the end of Aug/08. She began as a foster before we went to England. Her and her brother were feral so they were not overly adoptable. We didn't want them to go to a barn so Sheila and I adopted Little Face. It suits our family fine that she doesn't want to be picked up or petted. Unfornately her brother became extremely sick and didn't make it.

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We adopted Bernard less than 2 weeks ago. We missed having a senior dog around and as soon as I saw Bernard, he reminded me of Luke. He is like a Luke who can see - all he cares about is food and will plow down anything and one to get to it. Bernard thinks he has is in heavan because there are soooo many food smells around. So much to search out and so little time.

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It's funny, maybe it's just the way in which Bernard was photographed, because he blew me away, I thought he was a total doppelganger for Saint Isaac (yes, absolutely the same Isaac, Jean). :)


Hi Barbara - Bernard and Little Face (who just delteted everything I typed cause she is fascinated by the computer screen and walks all over it when I'm typing) are from the Langley Animal Protection Society. Harlow, the foster puppy is a busy, busy, jump all over you cause I need some loving, happy go lucky give me some more loving girl. I am surprised that we are not getting tons of applications on her.

Deb and Jean, Bernard really doesn't look very much like Isaac at all except maybe the eyes. It must be the angle of my pictures. Bernard is definitely a goof and typical of shepherd in that we will have to win his loyalty. But I love him already.


Deb, that was exactly my reaction (assuming we are referring to the same Isaac - the one I fostered) I took one look at that first picture of Bernard and immediately thought of Isaac.
Congrats on the new additions, Sheila and Leila. They are two very lucky critters.


He looks so much like Isaac! Welcome to your new family members, may they have long, happy, healthy lives with you.


little face is adorable and what a great name...bernard sounds like he might have been a famous chef in a previous food infested life!..he is lovely!
congrats you guys and sheila i tried to call your cell today but it told me to go away!

Barbara DeMott

What a great guy! where did you get Bernard?
How is the foster puppy doing