Rescue Journal

quickie updates

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2008

suzie's blood work...all normal, ok for dental.

suzie owns saints.

chica's blood work...mild liver disease...ok for dental.

chica owns saints too.

these dogs apparently did not need an adjustment period but i think i still do.

tyler....cardiologists report...heart go in for atropine testing, if his heart rate significantly improves we can try him on medication. if not... we could insert a pacemaker but i am not sure this is a good idea but then that is a long explanation of why i think this and i am too tired tonight.

one quick story...when cathy and i put the barn guys to bed, tuinie was still in ellie's stall. this always upsets ellie and makes her mad and tonight was no different in this regard.

tunie was slow to get out of ellie's bed so i gave ellie her dinner in there anyway while tunie got up and started moving. ellie finished before tunie was fully out of her door so she had a freaking pig fit and ran down the hall way complaining.

i told her to be patient and nice to tunie cuz tunie doesn't feel very well. so when she went past in the hall to get back in her stall, she did something totally unusual.

she took her pink and moist sucker nose and she gently placed it three times along tunie's side as they passed each other on the way to their rooms. the really interesting thing is tunie did not start swearing and give ellie shit which she always does if ellie even thinks to dare touch her in passing..... she just kept toddling along and said nothing at all.

this has kind of rocked my head...does ellie not only understand that tunie is not well cuz i bet she does...but was she in her own way offering tunie kindness and support as she passed....AND did tunie accept it in the spirit it was given as so did not get all upset?


i love those pigs, utterly fascinating, utterly complex. i asked laura and lana at dinner tonight...what if pigs as a species are as intelligent as humans (or even more) and we one day figured this out...oh my god.

i have one wish now when my life is over and maybe god is feeling generous to me....i want 30 minutes to talk to ellie and have her talk back to me.



I have heard tell that pigs are the 4th smartest animal after humans, chimpanzees and dolphins. Something to ponder.