Rescue Journal

this evening kind of sucked

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2008

when tammy and i got home late this afternoon from picking up another heater...the dogs had ripped up the garbage and that was pretty much the best thing for the night cuz at least someone had fun.

carrie did a great job re-organizing the kitchen but found a plumbing leak behind the washer that i thought we had already fixed (like three times!)
the vet came...spritely's leg and foot are still too boggy...we have to dry up the drainage somehow or she will lose that hoof soon.

lyle my favorite big machinery guy who fixes all my excavating and cow lifting problems, came and looked at the areas i want to re-gravel BEFORE they become mud pits...everyone, including lyle knows... i am totally mud paranoid.

while i was talking to lyle in the driveway, the barn guys who i had started to put to bed (ie, their dinners were all made and waiting in the barn but they were not yet eating in there)...decided to take matters into their own hands (or hooves or pig headed snouts) and broke into the barn and helped themselves. spritely ate most of gideon's and sparkle's dinner and then ate her own, she is such a total glutton. edith and pete were both head first into the tipped over giant and full red garbage can, and ellie tore open the 1/4 full feed bags that wouldn't fit in the bins and threw that grain around for fun while eating the sheep's dinner....but while that 600 pound pig was effectively taking over the entire feed room, at least no one else could get their fat asses in there so that was sort of good.

i discovered them when i was just bringing the farm fencing guy around to show him where i wanted new fencing. he was NOT an animal person and was less than impressed when i shoo'd the whole freaking herd out of the barn and slightly but not really in his direction. they weren't all that near to him and he was safely plastered up against the fence anyway.
he tried really hard to keep his pristine white and silver runners, pristine white and silver. AND i walked behind and watched that cheating bugger while he wheeeled his measuring thing three times further by doing twisting turning things every chance he could instead of going in a straight line like the fence was supposed to go. while he was obviously and sneakingly increasing the distance that he would tell me i had to pay for...some STUPID bee flew into my shirt and stung me twice on the neck...THAT FREAKING HURT!

anyway i finally got rid of mr. deceitful white shoes and went to see MJ who was working on the payroll tonight. and there she sits at the desk with a paper towel to her cheek..... frodo bit her for no reason.

and since i know frodo quite well...i KNOW he bit her for no reason....he can be such a freaking jerk.

so MJ and i compared our injuries and we then both called it a night. she to go and put ice on her wounds and me to find some benadryl.

some nights in rescue just suck.



ARGH that cat!! I remember when he swiped at Bonnie when she arrived and made HER bleed, and ME cry.