Rescue Journal

sheila was teasing me on the phone today cuz she said i don't even know how many dogs are here.

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2008

partly true...right at this second i could not give an exact number cuz i haven't actually counted them lately but i could give a good guess at 31 (including my own personal three)...but i do know i have about 10 dogs too many.

so lets count them... cole, cleo, andy, copper, jack, alastair, gwen, oka, tyra, lexi, maude, chyna, jewel, molly, nina, milo, este, phoebe, buddy, sissy, beau, cuddles, suzie, chica, lippy, lady, tyler, phyllis, squirt, madeline, and jesse...hah! i was right and no i did not count them first in my head!

but did i miss anyone?..i don't think so.

who are the ten too many? the ones i consider adoptable...beau, chyna, jack, nina, suzie, chica, madeline, lippy, lady, and milo....oh and al and gwen too...that is twelve...and maybe este, she is alot of fun.
take those twelve from the 28 homeless dogs (my 3 are not homeless, they just live here cuz i do) here and that just leaves 16...oka and phyliis and tyler are not long for this world. jesse i think has an osteosarcoma so she won't be here long either...i could be down to my goal of 12 within the next few months if A...some people who are truly great homes come here to adopt some truly great homeless dogs and B if no one else is up for unnecessary/unfair/untimely nuking and tries to get in here.

really, is this too much to ask? ...adopt a senior or special needs homeless dog and stop trying to kill all the others....then i could reach that magic number 12.
now ask me how many cats are here...hmm, i don't know...i will guess 25...lets count.

frodo, dixie (my cats) ronnie, mosley, tikki, misfit, merlin, the rock, endora, tigger woods, eddie, stripe, toby, harrison, monty, james bond, boo, sunny, mango, tang, webster, conan, ...who am i missing? i will go look just a minute... don't think i missed any...hey, ooops 22 in total....i consider 5 adoptable...monty, harrison, boo, webster and conan.

geez if they got adopted i'd be down to 15 homeless cats.

where the hell are the adopters who aren't afraid to adopt healthy seniors?

do you know how many people say to me...oh if only i could, i would.... ? why can't you give a loving and comfortable home to someone in their senior years?...what excuse is worth their remaining homeless here anyway?

i think it is because i don't stick them in cages and they don't look pathetic enough to torment someone when they close their eyes to sleep. this is fine...i don't want them to get a pity home...i want them to get a home that thinks they are an absolute treasure....if they are a treasure here, they can be a treasure to someone else too.

so i do know how many dogs are here, but i didn't know exactly how many cats tho. i will say in my own defence that with alot of recent deaths and alot of recent incomings, it is hard to keep track when week to week it changes so much...and i may not know what total number to assign but i do know each of their names and needs and i can list that off in my that is pretty good i think....maybe?



Carol said: "do you know how many people say to me…oh if only i could, i would…. ?"

"Love will find a way. Indifference will find an excuse."
~ Unknown Source

Living with elderly leaky, hearing and sight impaired, wrecked dogs is not always a laugh riot. We don't have nearly the number of dogs who call SAINTS home, but we do have four dogs who are 15 and older, and a much younger dog who is brain injured, blind and incontinent.

It takes work to share life with senior animals, that's just plain truth. They are not always sweet-natured, calm and easy-going.

Just like any other dog. Puppies can be a pain, young dogs have energy to burn, middle aged dogs can develop a host of illnesses

There are no perfect dogs, just like there are no perfect people. Seniors come with issues, some big, some small, but there is no built-in reason to pass over a senior in favour of a younger dog.

People lie. "If I could, I would" is a lie. They can, and don't want to, choose not to, or never gave it a thought until confronted with the reality of senior animals in care.

There's a great Yiddish proverb:

If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.