Rescue Journal

shitty day

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2008

i am pretty sure jess spontaneously fractured after i left for work this morning. i managed to limp her out for a pee before i left but by the time i got home at noon, her leg was swollen and she could not get up to three legs without a sling lift.

those assholes scared her sometime this afternoon with fireworks in the school yard...lynn found her hiding at the back of the room, she had crawled over there to find a safe place to hide. we got her back to the yoga mats and eva and laura and i spent the next three hours with her. she has had her pain meds, ( and pizza and girl guide cookies,) the lights and radio are on low, hopefully she will rest comfortably for awhile. i will spend some time with the inside guys and then head back out to her in the mp room.

i talked to the vet today, luckily she was on call. tomorrow is her day off but she will be here around 10 am to sedate and examine jess. it is a long shot but maybe she blew her knee or something or maybe i am right and it is fractured from cancer...whatever...she will need to be sedated to move to the clinic if colleen thinks we can maybe doing something, or she will need to be sedated if she will help jess to pass away from here if there is nothing to be done.

tomorrow is probably going to be even shittier.

i couldn't get the day off but i did manage to change my schedule to non-timed visits. so i can stay here with jess til we decide what has to be done and then go to work after whatever it is is done.

thank you to everyone who rallied when it was realized that there were no staff, no carol, and no volunteers here this morning...i should have known this but i did not til it was late.....that could have been an utter disaster and i was freaking out at work. thank you lana for thinking up ways to stop it from ever happening again. thank you lynn for calling in the troops. and thank you laura for putting the barn guys to bed and laying around with eva and jesse and me this evening, jess liked the extra company and attention.


remember when i first caught jesse at the dump. she had a current license (but it was a different dogs collar and tags) she had a readable tattoo (but the info was 8 years out of date at the vets and became a dead end anyway) instead of taking her to the pound, i brought her home cuz i was SURE i could trace her owner quickly. i did call the pound but no one ever came looking for her. i called every single person in the lower mainland whose name matched the one on her tattoo. no one knew her.

i kept calling her "not our dog" til i learned that her name was really jesse and she was 12 yrs old. and for almost a week, she stared at me with cold, calculating dislike cuz she said she was "not our dog" too and i was a bloody, busy body dog napper, holding her against her will.

then one day jess decided she was our dog, probably because she clued in that we were easy to boss around. and this became not only her home, but we became her family too.

you have always been our dog jess, from the moment i captured you, you captured me and everyone else around here too. you are OUR DOG and we love you.

ok...time to spend with the other needy ones and then back to jess, it might be the last night we have.



Out of all the dogs Jesse was my fav...She growled at me for the first day we met...But I just growled back and since then we had an understanding n respect for each other....I liked that junk yard dawg...I just got a taste of missin her....Man Carol you do good things there ( with the emotional baggage ) Hang In there Babe

Beverly- Mal Rescue

Ewww not a great update, sorry to hear...poor Jesse. She's a lucky gal to have such a fantastic family.

All the Mals here have paws crossed for her!


I'm sorry about Jessie Carol, she is a wonderful dog. Sending positive thoughts for tomorrow.


tammy was the only person i called who answered their phone and she said she would be there in 15 minutes and she was!!!


we have to say thankyou to tammy who came out asap and is always there whenever we need her i really hope jesse is going to be okay but she is a lucky dog who came from a garbage dump dog to a mp room dog and who is loved a lot. she is a lucky dog because carol found her and took her in. being a mailperson i see horrible things and believe me the dogs i see would give anything to be in jesses place