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saints mourns jesse and tyler

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2008

tyler continued to seizure into today. it was heart breaking to see him suffer so, the vet said it was time to let him go.

tyler came from salmon arm spca, he had been in the kennels as an unclaimed stray since june i believe. he was thirteen years old with massive cardiac disease (he was seizuring because his brain was oxygen starved from his bad heart's inability to pump very well.) and i will always regret that i never once saw him joyful in the short time that he was with us at saints. ty passed away, sound asleep from his last dose of valium that i had given moments before with his very last seizure. we were all with him, he left not knowing or caring how loved he was by us. rest in peace little ty...please feel well and be happy wherever you are now.

jess did have an osteosarcoma and it was a complete and displaced fracture as i was afraid of. she ate pizza before she died, she gave the vet supreme shit for daring to mess with her, she FOUGHT that insidious creeping sedation to the very bitter end and then she finally closed her eyes, laid her head down next to me and peacefully passed away with eva, and carrie, and trina and my hands touching her.

the mp room has lost it's queen.

rest in peace babe, or better yet, feel well and go kick some ass for fun.



i have to believe, like laura, that tyler did know he was loved. how could he not, with so many people loving him. i have to believe that on some plane, he was happy here. it is too hard not believing that. carol and everyone else did what they could for him and what is, is. you just want to believe that, at some point in his life, that he meant a whole lot to someone. and that something went terribly wrong. shit, i am rambling. sorry. i guess there have been so many deaths lately it is hard to absorb it all and jesses really hurt


To remember is healing! Our Dog Jessie. Our special girl Jess. She was a Great Dog! Yes, Jessie was for sure Queen of the mp room and we were her loyal subjects.I loved that Carol built her a private area to go outside to the bathroom, but our Jess would have none of that she demanded that we take her out for a walk to do her business. Or no! I don't want that kind of dog food..bring me pizza instead. Even the night before she passed and Carol was trying to giver her a pill wrapped in meat Jessie said NO put the pill in a Girl Guide cookie...she was a a girl after Carol's own heart. Jessie had attitude..I remember the aggressive dog seminar we had. Deb brought her dog for the demo but our Jess had a different idea for the demo she was Queen and would not bow down to anyone. When Carol told me that even in her last moments she tried to bite the vet all I could say was"Good Girl" nothing agaisnt Colleen it was just great to see Jessie being Jessie right up to the end. I was up at Saints last night and nobody was around and I avoided going into the mp room for a couple hours. I knew it would be HARD. When I finally went in it was so quiet and lonley I started to well up thinking of our Jessie..but then this presence and strength came over me and all I could do was remember and smile...THANKS JESSIE! You were loved and your spirit will be missed.


i believe on some level tyler knew he was loved. all the caring hands gentley touching him to help him relax and the warm blankets from the dryer wrapped lovingly around him to keep him warm. like rae states he did not die alone..tyler was a saint and he was loved!


also thankyou for sharing tylers story. i feel really sorry but he was loved for the very short time he was there. he will always be one of our saints . no one got to really know him very welland i hope he finds peace he is one little dog who never had a great life it seems.


i will miss jesses lovely face peering out of the window when anyone approached. she just had to know what was going on and liked to protect her space. also when she was taken for walks she would have to get right back to saints if she saw carol come home. she was quite the lady and it sure felt strange walking into her room and not seeing her there. but i also think her prescence and spirit will remain there and we will enjoy thinking about her and the short time we had with her. she really was the queen.


Jessie's spirit will remain in her castle. You'll feel her presence every single day. Watch out over your heartbroken mom, Jess

Shalom Jessie, Tyler and everyone who is grieving tonight.


you would have loved her beverly, she was an amazing gift....jesse, queen by her own decree.sigh...i do not want to go into the mp room tonight, it will be so empty.

Beverly- Mal Rescue

Ah Carol I'm so sorry about Tyler & Jesse.

Pizza eh? Mals love pizza.. I'm glad she had this time at SAINTS even tho she was not your dog at first!

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Chris T

I am so sorry to hear all of this Carol. Jessie was the queen of the MP room and she let everyone know it. I hope they are both at peace. Please try and find a little peace for yourself tonight.


Carol I am so sorry. Tyler didn't have much of a chance but I'm glad he was with you and didn't die in the Shelter alone. Thank you for opening your heart to him. Rest in peace Tyler I hope there's Tim Hortons Drive Through where your going

And for Jessie I am at a loss for words. She had such presence, the MP room will not be the same. Jessie had such a beautiful spirit and she loved you Carol, you could see it in her eyes.