Rescue Journal

still worrying, but now about other saints.

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2008

the mass on the bone of cleo's leg is much too familiar looking to me...cleo is even more of a freak than jesse...jess was ok as long as no one touched her, i could actually take her out, she had some social skills...cleo you can't even put a collar on or take her off of the property. shit.

realistically, if cleo also has an osteosarcoma (what are the chances of two dogs in a has GOT to be small)...there is nothing we can do about it anyway. maybe it is a calcified something or to just wait and see and watch her really carefully for any pain.

beau went home today...he has been adopted by brianne and her family (brianne is the young lady who started volunteering here each weekend with her mom after she came to the open house. beau has a little buddy to chew on there too, new home, great family, new friend...chyna misses you beau but i told her you would be back to visit. be good, be happy.

steve fixed all the broken latches, tunie now has a gate that actually works, the security and flourescent lights have all been replaced and 2 of the water barrels have been hooked up....what a relief to get some of these maintenence things done!

conan is out and about tonight, webster is now sleeping on my bed. i am calling that fat little suzie "the badger" cuz last night she burrowed deep under my covers and then bit me (she was aiming for beau.) gawd she is adorable....except i have discovered she leaks a tiny bit at night which does kind of suck.

milo goes in for a pelvic follow up xray tomorrow...he may have a home so i want to know for sure that the fracture is fully healed (he ACTS like it is, but better check just in case.)

murphy, one of our previous dogs may be coming back...i am not sure what exactly is happening yet. mo is playing telephone tag with his family. anyway...murphy is a GREAT dog so whatever the problem is, i am sure it has nothing to do with him.

oka spent the day in the mp room and enjoyed himself in there, but tonight he wanted back in the house so that is good too. animals need to have choices and he can be wherever he wants to be as long as he is happy.

there is another crippled escapee from the chicken slaughter house on her way to saints. she should arrive sometime this week.

the last worrisome news is...ancient, tiny and frail phyllis is not well today. we have an appointment at the vet for noon tomorrow, i do not expect to be bringing her home again. phyllis you are so sweet, and gentle and kind...and you have the very best hair. i hope it is something simple to fix and you will want to stay with us for awhile yet....there are lot's more lunches around like lunch!

tomorrow might be another difficult day.



i won't know til maureen talks to them....maybe it is as simple as murph's ongoing medical care..i have no problem with covering that, maybe it is getting to be too expensive (the dog has ongoing skin issues)...hopefully that is all it is.

sometimes deb it is not so much a break down in relationships as it is in outside factors...medical costs/care, family crises, situational throws curve balls to all of us sometimes...
if suddenly i personally became terminally ill, blind, quadripalegic, or bankrupt, the animals here would be at risk for major upheavals too and that is even with my pre-planning and safety nets in place.


Carol - are you sure about that message. The fellow who has Murphy had found an old poster requesting fosters that had Leila's name and phone number on it.
He said he was interested in fostering and he wanted a phone number instead of an email. He then mentioned he had adopted a dog a couple of years ago and when I asked the name of the dog I recognized it and told him to get a hold of Maureen and that might be faster than trying to talk to you straight.


Carol said: "murphy is a GREAT dog so whatever the problem is, i am sure it has nothing to do with him."

Whenever there is a breakdown in a relationship between a human and a dog, it is the fault of the human. People try to assuage their guilt by blaming their failure on a dog's behaviour. It's just an excuse. Every time.