Rescue Journal

phyllis died today

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2008

the vet agreed that frail little phyllis who was always hanging by a thread, had reached the end. she was very pale, probably bleeding internally, we could see and smell the blood in her feces...a cancer? most likely.

it was a peaceful good death with phyllis wrapped well in her soft bed and fleece. carrie came with me to the vet so phyllis was always in one of our arms. she was a quiet dog, intent on her meals and watching what was happening around her (in case it meant another meal.) i thought she was the absolutely cutest dog in the world and i will miss her tiny face (and her messed up hair.) rest in peace little one, be young and strong again.

i took tyra and cuddles with me over to the hide-away suite for an hour break today...tyra is just like her mom...afraid of heights..i had to drag her up the stairs. once there she hit the bed in joyous abandon and stayed happy til it was time to come back down. she would not come down the stairs, so steve had to go get her and carry her. not even i am such a big baby...i made it up and down those stairs with NO railing tyra (even if i did fuss and freak out.)

milo has healed really well from his broken pelvis...the vet said if she didn't know where the fracture was before she wouldn't have even be able to see the cleanly healed area. milo has a possible home coming to meet him this week...fingers crossed it is a perfect match all around.

lady and lippy are going out on trial to cathy, one of our volunteers. they are going to be so excited as they already had a visit at their new home last weekend and were pretty happy to be there.

spritely's lower leg looked mucky tonight.

cole, oka, cleo, and jack all enjoyed themselves at various times in the mp room today. this evening when cathy, eva and i were sitting in there...cleo had the nice red chair, jack had moved to the floor...and cole plastered himself on the couch against eva and made it perfectly clear that he was in heaven and i shouldn't wreck it by bringing them all back to the house for bed.

sorry cole...the guys still in the house wanted me back...suck it up, we will take you there again soon.



she did 2 flights of stairs at my old house...she is just freaked out because these are carpet-less and open stairs...she can see underneath her...the thought of the open-ness makes me shutter too so i don't look but she did.


Is Tyra just not used to doing stairs. I have a border terrier who is the worst stair climber there is. As she is now 9 her night/dim light vision is getting worse and we have to put on the light and follow her up and down. Just a thought, I never would have thought Tyra would have a problem doing stairs.


Phyllis grabbed my heart from her very first night at Saints when Carol placed her in my arms. She was so frail and vulnerable, but ohhh so sweet. Thanks Carol and Carrie for giving her such a peaceful passing. Be free!


I was just looking at the photo of Phyllis. What a great face. I love that snaggle tooth. So glad she got some comfort and love in her last days. RIP little fang.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I am so happy for Lady and Lippy. Thank you Carol for giving them the chance of la dolce vitae!