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the saints little league photo's

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2008

i can't wait to see the photos from today...the animals were all pretty good. suzie the chi got caught on camera trying to bite percy's nose (i am framing that one!)

sheena is a good human...very good with the animals and with as twisted a sense of humour as me. she quite liked edith beating the shit out of everyone so i bet there are a ton of pictures of our tiny demon goat queen.

a bunch of dogs invaded the mp room for lunch and had a ton of treats, murphy has made the full adjustment, the brunch he attended sealed his liking of saints. he started out well within his diet with carrots and cauliflower and then progressed to crap like everyone else. copper was there too, he is slightly fatter than he was yesterday...but really whats a pound or two when you happen to be a 40 pound beagle on a good day?...not much in the big scheme of things.

the animals stole the show...i think there are not many shots of the actual fact, we like looking at them better than ourselves anyway.
it was a good day at saints, the animals had fun and so did we....and i still can't wait to see the photos...sheena is extremely talented, and i figured i'd better grab her BEFORE she gets famous and out of our little league!

i can't post links cuz i don't know how but do a web search for "three woofs and a woo" will find her blog with her own dogs as the stars of her photos which are pretty freaking funny (and amazing too.)



i am so glad that little dog was found. i hate to think of them out there on their own and not knowing how to get back. hopefully it will not happen again. and yes that pic of frodo is perfect and of carol too cause i know she hates getting her pic taken.


It is a great picture!! Can't wait to see more. By the way Misty was found today!!! Yeah!


Wow! You can practically read his thoughts in that photo...great picture! :)


omg! you got frodo's evil-ness to a T!!!
he's so perfectly honest in what he is thinking...thx sheena!


Woot! I had a blast today! I do love me some ornery goat, and I have never before been followed around by a lovesick cow :)

You guys do great work out at SAINTS and I was happy to be chosen to take photos of the lovely critters (but not take any home, not even a poodle stowaway!).

I didn't take very many people photos, but I did manage to snap this:

Thanks for having us out Carol!



Ohhhh, I'm all excited to see the photos!!

You're right Carol, Sheena is an excellent photographer...she has the "eye".

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