Rescue Journal

floating on a freaking mountain top

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2008

enough of the pouring rain! i just get warm and dried out and then i have to go out and get wet again. i am putting the barn guys to bed at 4 pm, that is in 12 minutes...i bet they are tired of dripping wet today too. today would have made for interesting photos tho....what noahs ark inhabitants would have looked like minus the freaking boat.

all the horses are blanketted for winter wet and cold now. fall is officially over and the cold monsoons have arrived. oh i just cannot wait for the 3 feet of snow and freaking ice that makes winter care in an animal sanctuary so much not freaking fun.

everyone in the house is happy, warm, dry and napping which is exactly how i wanted to spend this afternoon but i can't til the barn guys are warm and dry and too. just for the record...misery does not like company but it happens anyway.

there are currently 2 spiders in my bathtub..i told them to get the hell out before i come in from the barn....i am not in the mood to rescue spiders from spiralling down the drain today so they damn well better move cuz i am having a hot bath when i get in...

and then guess what?

hahaha...i am putting on my pj's at 6 pm, climbing into bed with 2 chi's, 1 pom and a poodle, one BIG cup of hot chocolate and baileys and watching "jewel of the nile" ....doesn't that sound like a nice way to end a freezing cold autumn day on a freaking floating mountain top?



From one hot chocolate + something extra fan to should try it with Fireball Whiskey (Cinnamon yum)... oh and Peppermint Schnapps totally rocks with Hot Chocolate too. Those are my barn nighty-night drinks :)