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a bit of business stuff

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2008

i would be a total fool not to notice the positive changes that have happened at saints and for the saints (and me too) since carrie has joined our staffing ranks...she came with several years of large, busy shelter experience including the organizational/admin kind of stuff besides her ability to work well with the animals and people.

saints has gotten too big for me to manage alone while continuing to work full time in nursing (and i have no intention of giving up my paid and much loved career)...therefore i have decided to make carrie the fulltime, mon-fri shelter manager and share the ultimate responsibility for the saints well being with her.

i am still the person in charge and the responsibility and burdens will always ultimately stop with me but carrie is now the saints manager to help them and me. she is in charge of the staff, the animals, the shelter, full time, mon-fri.

welcome to your new position carrie, i know you are going to continue to help us grow well.

cleo.....mugsy and cleo's dad died, leaving them both in our care along with a bit of a legacy. i have always learned not to count our eggs til they hatch cuz you never know really what an egg may contain....anyway, probate is finished and some money did come our way...this will complete the last of the saints reno's for our animals daily life (the icky door-less room will become another cozy area for the dogs to hang out in if they want, the fireplace in the dog room will finally be replaced, the bathing grooming area will soon become a reality, AND the barn staff and volunteers will FINALLY get a roof over the shavings bin to make their job out there easier.

al was quite an incredible man, and along with the cheque came some photo's of him and his beloved dogs, it was great to finally see and somehow meet, the man who's love for mugsy and cleo and other senior animals in need will become such a guardian angel to us all.

jill, his executor has charged me with buy cleo a special gift from her dad...i have been thinking on this cuz i take this really seriously...what does cleo want, more than anything????

well, she likes to be warm (the new fireplace will cover that) she likes to go different places but can;t wear a leash or be safely taken off the the reno'd icky door-less room soon to be doggy lounge will cover that too....cleo likes to eat, so a few steak dinners will be coming her way...she likes to cuddle so we all agreed she needs her very own cuddle couch (or giant chair...she likes the big red one out in the mp room so i might go looking for a leather version of something nice and cuddly comfy for her soon...all easy to provide for her thanks to her dads ongoing care.

BUT...what does cleo really want more than anything else in the world?.... she wants to follow me around with the rest of the posse, she wants to be where ever i happen to be, she wants to belong to me.

cleo is a great, great dog (even if she is a bit of a sometimes freak about certain things) and i do know exactly what she has been saying to me every single day since she got mine, be mine, be mine....she is as relentless as cuddles.
welcome to the hine family cleo, i will give you the gift you really can adopt me officially and be next to me everywhere now.

hope you are happy al....cleo is now and always will be loved and cherished as part of my personal family.

nicole, can you please move her to the adopted page? thx.
ok, back to is time we move to the next level, the plan was always...find a home, make that home right for them and then start sharing the dream of what saints was always meant to be....for senior and special needs animals......a model of possibility.



Carol: Skeet is doing great; still a pain in the arse but we love him all the more for it.He has come a long way in 2 yrs with his disposition I tell you, trusts more. Yes am interested in the pair of chis; just would like to see the info on them etc?


hey is the little bugger doing anyway?
there are 2 chi's, suzie and chica...they are a deeply bonded pair and are looking for a home together.


oops for to add: Congrats on your "new" addition to the Hine family Cleo!


Hey there; is there a petfinder page with info on your little black & White Chi? Am interested in possibly adopting her/him if available? Thanks. my email is (we adopted Mosquito Mike back in 2006 from you)


Mo - thanks for the Copper story! Trust the woodelling fat beagle to smell out the burger. But I really think you should have rewarded him with a trip to McDonalds for a fresh one!! LOL


welcome carrie. i think it is great about your new position.and it will be nice having you up there. carol made a good choice. lit is truly awesome about all the new and exciting things that are happening at saints. and they are so deserved. glad to hear about cleo.carol, if you keep on adopting the animals than there wont be any to adopt out. lol see you soon.


Yahoo , way to go Carrie and Whoo hoo for Cleo, she is such a funny dog with her HUGE bat ears. I wanted to post a funny story on it's own thread... however I can't remember my password so I'll post here & hope those who know Copper see this & read it.

It was going to be titled

"SAINTS 40 pound Super Nose"

Carol's comment regarding our 40 pound beagle reminded me of a funny incident at SAINTs .

A couple weeks back after I had gathered a bunch of the dogs & walked the fields & around the pond , I realized Copper had missed out on the walk … I went into the house & located his safety collar ( the Daisy he wears to stop him from squeezing out the 4X4 inch squares in the wire ) and put it on him.. His fat little body was excited & off we toddled around the pond again . I promptly went back to my duties of poop scooping & Copper headed off to waddel around . Within 10 minutes I could hear the beagle doing his Whoo Whoo barking non-stop &... as usual… I ignored him. Nicole who happened to be out in the barn with me went off to investigate. She appeared back in the barn within a minute or 2 & said " Do you know what Copper was barking at " I replied " No" … and then she held up her hand & in that hand was a fully wrapped Macdonalds hamburger that someone had tossed away & it landed just outside the fence line .

Now you have to understand, SAINTS property is a fully fenced 3 acres ….. That nose of his, within 10 minutes, was able to pinpoint the spot of the disregarded burger & his constant woodling was able to draw the attention of a caring soul to retrieve it…unfortunatley for all his efforts ….he didn't get to eat it.


I'm glad your vision is finally becoming a reality. it's taken a very long time and a lot of challenges, but it's very nearly there. All involved should be proud.

Francesca Wilson

Carole, how wonderful for Cleo, she is such a great dog and will love all the special things she is about to receive. Marie and I are coming to Saints on Wednesday (bringing the finished curtains). As always looking forward to being there.