Rescue Journal

carol!!!!!.....wake up!!!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2008

cleo was upset this morning...all trembly and anxious. i thought "shit, that leg has fractured....." so i quickly got up. she needed help off the bed and ran to the hall to expel a ton of diarrhea. that's better than a spontaneous fracture!

murph had loose stool again everywhere and oka joined in is kind of a shitty morning but this kind of shit is easier to deal with than other kinds i know. i mostly like living at the house on pooh corner...real pooh is honest, normal and washable and the ones who are producing it are not only my beloveds, but they can't help themselves right now.

however....emotional pooh is insideous, and leaves permanent stains. i don't like that kind of poop.

i think it was nice that cleo was so very anxious to actually get off my bed...this is the difference between real and emotional..... with real you want it NOT to hurt someone else, you just really gotta go and hopefully away from the vicinity of your innocently sleeping friend...with emotional you want as much pooh impact as you possibly can, spread it around, make sure it gets everywhere just to make a point if you can.

i have been emotionally shitty lately...thx cleo for making me aware.



Cheryl lives down the street from me. :-)

And I mis-typed my area code: should be 604.


Aha Lindsay!
Now I know when you don't answer the phone you just say oh God it is those weirdos from down the street!!

Are you sure your area code is 640?


Also, anyone can process the calls: you can access them on the web and change the e-mail settings. All you need is the login ID and the password for the account.

Also, the tape never fills up (because with an IP phone there's no tape), and start blocking messages. You can store an unlimited number.

Also, (maybe this isn't very important) calling anywhere in North America is free. I don't know if you make any calls to other places in Canada (Turtle Gardens?), but if you use the IP phone, it's free.

Also, probably if it was someone's volunteer responsibility, the messages would probably get answered nice and regularly, and you wouldn't have to worry about not getting back to people. (No insinuation intended. :-) )

AND, as a special bonus, you wouldn't have that sick feeling we all get when we're avoiding seeing what's on the message machine.

Often you can keep your existing phone number. If you wanted, you could move your Carol number to a new number (give it out just to family and friends and your work) and use your existing number for SAINTS. This would help segregate those calls.

If the power goes out, you lose your service; that's one bad thing.

If you want to talk about it, you could call me. I'm Lindsay at 640-495-6762. I'm Amanda's sister-in-law (Randall's sister). In fact, that's my IP phone number. I'm in Victoria right now, but you can take an IP phone with you anywhere (India!! Australia!!) and plug it in to the Internet; keep the same number. So I could be in Australia, but it's still a local call for you.

Wild, eh? :-)

Just a thought. I didn't know if you knew about it.