Rescue Journal

home coming can be such an adventure

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2008

especially after dark. animals don't get the whole daylight savings's dark, the barn guys are not fed and in bed and the house guys are freaking cuz they apparently miss me when the sun fades away.

so what do i come home to?...frantic cleo who now knows she is not a big dog room dog. but where is she? in the big dog area...not likely says she.

so she digs back under the gate thru the muddy pit that the staff forgot to fill with gravel and slithers on her belly thru the mud and straight into the mp room to leave mud everywhere in there. IF i was a meanie...i'd leave that mess for someone tomorrow, but since i am not (and it was my dog who made the mess)...BIG SIGH...i will go and clean it all up in a few minutes.

she is still pretty dirty so all the beds in the house will have to be changed and washed in the morning, no point in doing it all tonight cuz she will just continue to smear them....i dried her off the best that i can but she is literally caked in mud and cleo does not like baths so i have to wait for her to dry to brush the rest off.

and that was not the only adventure..... the barn guys were not happy campers either. and i was missing 3 of their feed bowls which i could not find in the dark because...(ummm....sorry guys) the staff...forgot to bring them all in. so there i am pissing around in the dark and mud and pouring rain, looking for the missing bowls and all those impatient barn guys see is me wasting time and delaying their dinner even more. i finally gave up and tried to make do with what i had.

i should have decided to do this earlier because.....the barn guys had waited long enough....

ellie broke thru the wire on the gate again and percy decided he's just take out the lock on the gate completely. suddenly 10,000 pounds of pissed off, sloppy wet and in a real hurry barn flesh (with ellie and spritely in the lead) storms into the barn with me standing with my arms full of full feed bowls, right in their freaking way.


yes, we are all alive, yes we are all uninjured, yes we probably need a staff meeting to help keep the boss alive and well so she can write out tomorrows paycheque's.

and i just realized i might not have double locked the stall doors...better go check.
i HATE daylight savings time, it messes everything up.



hey now, meghann's husband is pretty great, they may just need to add a mini pillow for madeline. and meg, i like how you didn't correct carol's number of animals she said you had or the species she left out.


well, who is more important your husband or your new cute little dog lol


Congratulations Meghann, Madeline is a very sweet little girl and I'm glad she landed in a kind home. Thank you Carol for making this happen for her!!!!


she likes to sleep on the pillow next to my head...which might be similar to where your husbands head is sort of used to being.


I am SOOOO excited about Madeline! I was bugging my husband for the longest time about having a SAINT join our family. I made him come out and meet the crew and I think that's what finally softened his heart. ;)

He took me shopping yesterday, so now we are all ready. Maddy can sleep wherever she wants - on the bed with us, on her new bed beside our bed, or in my chi's extra large kennel (if he decides he'd like to share). I hope she'll like it here.

I'm hoping to come and pick her up the next time Nicole heads out, if that works for you, Carol!


hi carol, maybe you can have nicole take lippy and lady out of the adoptables and put them in the happy endings..i talked to kathy yesterday and she ab solutely in love with them and says they are great. another happy ending. i like those.


Hi Carol - As you know Nudge does not have lymphoma after they did a biopsy but she had a repeat ultrasound and still has some stones in her bladder that may require surgery. Jenny Two has kidney disease and has fluids (joy oh joy) I think I told you this before. Well, she decided to bite me on the thumb during her fluids wrestling match and now I have antibiotics. Toad (my boy cat) has decided that pooing on the bedroom floor is better than using a litterbox !! Hhhmmmmm it's starting to feel alot like SAINTS around here................


maddy is going to live with meghann (a good friend of saints) who is a perfectly awesome little animal home. she will have a couple of chi brothers and a bunch of bunny (and guinea pig) cousins...i am really happy about this.


Carol I glad you're safe and sound sounds like you need a body guard!!
I just saw that Madeline is in Happy Endings. Did she find a forever home? Please tell!!!!!