Rescue Journal

new incoming

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2008

its a little guy...a 14 yr old corgi cross who is pretty darn grumpy, bites and pees and poops all over the house. he originally came from elderly owners, one who passed away and the other who went into facility care. the family has taken on the dog and tried to live with him since april...he pretty much has not endeared himself there very well.

i think his name is four-way or runway or roadway? i am not sure, he is something-way. he sounds like an absolute beast tho so i am quite anxious to meet him. i am sure he will make me laugh as soon as i see his little snarling teeth pointed determinedly in my general direction. i admit it....i can't resist a little hitler dog trying to take over the world.
i probably never told you this but when i was a very small child, my grandmother called me "G.W.B." stood for "General Walking Boss."

sigh...ok, self indulgence complete...we are full again.



It's probably "Freeway". That was a popular name for dogs a couple of decades ago due to some TV series dog having that name, and a bunch of dog owners having no imagination whatsoever.