Rescue Journal

i love cleans absolutely everything.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2008

i spent the afternoon scrubbing out the house cats outside run, the cement, the shelves, the ramps...the whole freaking thing, there was so much of that west coast green slime out there that i used 2 full bottles of bleach in like 20 buckets of hot soapy water...ok, that whole endeavor was more than disgustingly looks mighty fine and sparkling clean now!

and i bought the cats 2 great big, lovely stuffy houses, harrison is sleeping in one and conan has claimed the other.

gwen went home with mo today...she is on a trial. this is the best solution for her and al because al quite honestly is not all that adoptable because of his age and gwen is. they can still visit and hang out together every single sat/sun while mo is here and during the week, i will keep al close to me so he doesn't miss her so much. anyway, i hope it works and gwen DO NOT jump the freaking fence in town.

four-lane is here (i was somewhat close on the name) but i tell you it is confusing and all kinds of things try to slip out instead. i keep wanting to call him four-way and i definitely heard lynne accidently call him ..."foreplay"...i think i will just call him "lane" and try not to mix him up with our staff person of the same name. he is not altogether a real happy camper but he is actually dealing with this major upheaval really quite well.

i feel like i should still be scrubbing something...oh yeah, i am supposed to do my laundry tonight.

nice letter from pugsy eh?...i miss her, for a one eyed, blind fat pug who made noises like out of the exorcist....she was amazingly sweet and freaking cute! glad she is feeling better.



Godspeed Chance. Run free knowing that your mamas will never, ever forget a moment of the love you shared.

Laura and Lana, what is there to say to those left behind? Please take good care of one another, and know that Chance will remain in your hearts forever.



oh laura and lana, i am so sorry....please believe me when i say, the ones we love never, ever leave us. we carry them too deep inside.
rest in peaceful bliss tonight chance, it was a wonderful life.


i am so sorry for the loss of your girl, but she was loved and so many animals never get that chance. it does not make it feel any better and time heals it but it never ever goes away. we have been through it before and all being animal lovers will go through it time and time again but it does not lessen the pain. just know that we are all thinking of you and know that you will do it over and over again for the animals that you love.


Sharing and remembering is healing....and we are in need of some tonight! Today at 1:30 p.m. our beloved old girl Chance passed away peacefully surrounded by LOVE. She was one amazing tough girl. From the moment fate brought us together 14 years ago. Some *#@!^@* human had thrown this innocent pup in the ditch like a piece of garbage. I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time thus her name "Chance". She has been through many trails in her life but always faced them with such SPIRIT. I loved that she could appear bitchy on the outside but her heart was so soft.(her nickname was BABY) She always lovingly without any qualms accepted every new pet we brought into our home. Even our vet Susan (who did a wonderful job with assisting her with a peaceful passing) stated what an honor it was to care for such a special dog for these past 14 years. Chance was a best friend who will always be remembered till one day we meet again. Chance loved to run... she is free now and running like the wind. We loved you soo much baby in peace Chance..we will miss you!


Yay Mo!! I'm so glad your newest heart dog is going home with you! This (to me) is such a good decision on so many levels: for Gwen, of course, who adores you, for you, who adores Gwen, and for SAINTS. Al will be okay, the humans in his life will make sure of that. I'm really happy for both of you.


i hope it works out for gwen and mo , they really love each other. i guess when i come up tomorrow i will find out how their first night went. hope mos other dogs are not to bent out of shape. evelyn sent me home with some medication for ben after i dropped him off tonight just in case. carol, did i really say i would keep ben. maybe i was drinkng or something lol