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just one day

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2008

oops, i probably should not have tried to pull out the washer to retrieve my laundry that fell down the back is that stupid fall last week that is making me feel old and stiff.

why can't we have the bodies of 20 year olds when we reach the age of 50? in my youth i was a lazy is my very productive middle age where i need the extra strength.

honestly, just let me be god for a day...the second the last child is born, menopause is completed within a week....we would age in reverse...growing stronger and more flexible the older we get. anyone who just pointlessly takes up space and air would have to go live in antartica...there is lot's of unneeded and unused space and air down there for them to waste. in times of over population or unfair use/abuse/exploitation by man...almost all animals would be naturally born spayed and neutered...gee maybe then we would learn to control ourselves and care for them responsibly because there wouldn't be unlimited access for us to just toss them thoughtlessly or carelessly away.

and whoever even thinks of ways to kill or harm singularly or in mass numbers is going to feel their own head explode the very first time that light bulb goes on.... we can teach our kids not to think like that or their head will pop off.

god could hold a lottery and see who has a couple of good plans...maybe he might let me have a go for a day...maybe he might let you.

what would you change if you could?



i have to agree with vi on this . you can see the uhjust treatment but half the time there is not a damn thing you can do about it. the only thing an animal requires is food and shelter and that could be almost anything imagineable. it really sucks to sit by and watch it. and like deb, do not get me started on the rights and what all children in this world dese rve and are entitled to. while someone is sitting in a fancy restaurant deciding what fancy dessert to eat, someone else is just trying to find anything to eat. not fair.


Hey Carol, I will be up there tomorrow morning (around 9 am) to drop off pumpkins from Erika, to meet the new guys and say hi to everyone else.

Are you going to be around? If not, where should I put the pumpkins?

Vi Morse

I would change the animal laws. Make new laws so every animal would be saved from abuse, homeless and starvation. Our present laws are very outdated.


sorry i haven't called yet, had an equine family member pass away and been sick as a dog with the will ring you re: the 2 chis when I feel more human.


Child poverty. It is a global disgrace. Every child should be born into a world where he/she lives on a level playing field. Why should accident of birth doom a baby to starvation, violence, AIDS, early death, no education....?
Children are not responsible for the stupidity of adults, so why are they punished with lives of subsistence, abuse, neglect?
I'll stop now. My deepest and most profound rage boils when I get started on this subject. It's an abomination.