Rescue Journal

the new guys (and a few of the old guys)

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2008

the new FF cats are doing well. one of the babes is not as strong as the others, i think i will start supplementing him just in case til he catches up with his siblings. stella is his sister is just a going concern, renee found her wandering around the MP room all on her own, she squeezed thru the bars of her xpen. she has already figured out the litter box and is right into eating the canned kitten food. she is an absolutely stunning kitten, long haired white with patches of tabby/torbie/calico markings. james, sidney, colby are cute and stuck in the development middle between over achiever stella, and slower to catch up mikey.

serena, their mom, is very young to be a mom, but she is doing a really good job and she is a really good cat. i like her alot.
brianne is a bugger, she has knocked the glasses off my head, while i was providing care, more times then i can count...she thinks it is funny..she's right.

betsy is sweet..she reminds me of the wetsy betsy dolls...she is a very big baby. she does have a streak of self actualization tho cuz she keeps reaching thru the bars of her cage and stealing bruce's toys. finally in desperation, bruce parked his butt on top of his toys so she couldn't rip him off anymore.

asia has trouble keeping her cage neat...typical teenager, her room is a MESS! louise is an older plain jane black cat with a permanent neuro head tilt, i fell in love the second i saw her. and mother theresa is patiently waiting for me to put them all back together so she can return to her job of mothering them all again.

we all agreed today that we just have to change four-lanes one can get it out quite right and that is not fair to, by general consenous, four-lane is now foreman which at least we can all correctly say. he is doing REALLY well...he is getting perky, he is getting barky to tell us when he happens to want something. he is smiling and wagging his tail more...i think he will do just fine here with us.

no blood letting from shilo today...she kept her teeth and her claws to herself. she really is a very beautiful cat and i hope she will soon be ready to come out of her cage.

this many caged animals are alot of extra work, but it is necessary while we make sure that they make the adjustment well. an update on webster and conan, our other newer cats...they are both free to roam around and doing really well.

i think that what some rescues that get into trouble forget is rescue is not just hauling them in from the is ensuring they do ok once they are in. you can pull in a thousand cats but can you care for them all? in the last month, the spca did a good job of bringing these cats back to reasonable hope is that we can keep them here as healthy as possible for as long as we can. (and get them out of those cages asap.)
the vet is coming here tomorrow to have a look at the felv guys...mosley's mouth is sore. tikki is dropping weight but ronnie is doing much better since his last antibiotic injection. and we are re-testing all of the new FeLV cats to ensure they truly are positive before we start mixing them in with the others.

ahhh, feline leukemeia cats are the best cats in the world....the rock is so SOLID, so grounded, so perfect in every way...misfit is like a breath of fresh air, and merlin is still a big, cry baby...gawd he is cute when he starts crying out for whatever he happens to want...waaaa, waaaaa...feed me, see me, visit me.....he is a super cute grown up baby. i gave them all roasted chicken tonight, that shut him up pretty fast!

oka is doing ok...still dropping weight but not giving up on a second of fun. carrie was trying to sort thru the toys today which was kind of hard with oka around..."oh, i want that." "oh, i want that one too." "oh hey that looks interesting, oooohhh what's that, a talking mr potato head i can chew?!" funny, funny, sweet little man, god oka, when your time comes we are all so going to miss you!

cole and copper and cleo managed the day in the MP room today too. copper was happy to clean cleo's ears, cleo was happy to again claim my chair, and cole kept any possible rabble rousers from raising any no-fun cop.

it was a good animal day.



Looking forward to meeting all the new cats - let me know if you need anything special for them. Will probably come on Sunday and aim to be there late morning/lunchtime.


Yea for SAINTS!!!! Everyone happy and settled - Finally. It is GREAT to read about everyone behaving and being good. All of the kitties sound so wonderful and I am sure the Americats will love the latest soon-to-be roommates. So good to hear about The Rock - he is such a handsome man. Miss them all (Aladdin was my favorite 'cause he was one of the first Pahrump kitties I got to know). Carol, it is good to hear you in such a good mood. Take care and God bless.