Rescue Journal

my sad/funny story for the day

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2008

first thing this morning i filled the wheelbarrow with half hot water and half cold water so floyd could have a nice bath.

i put him in and...he flipped out, terrified...OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!! he didn't even know that ducks LOVE water. i almost cried. i made him stay in and kept getting him wet and after 3 or 4 minutes, nature kicked in and floyd was having a blast. he cleaned himself religously, he fluffed and he preened and he dunked. what is with freaking human money farmers, they can't even let these guys know that ducks like water before they die?

that is the sad part of the story, but the sad part for floyd is now done.

my funny for the day was just a few minutes ago as i was finishing off doing the bunnies...i could hear floyd in the background chattering at me...i glanced up, and there he was standing in his water bowl saying..."hey, nice lady, ya got anything bigger for me?"

he is a great duck!