Rescue Journal

quick updates (cuz i am tired)

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2008

floyd is working really hard on getting himself clean. he is now an all over yellowish color which is a vast improvement since he came...hopefully soon he will be white like he is supposed to be.

he quite likes the office, don't get too comfortable in there floyd...the plan is for you to join the other barn yard birds....sorry, they don't have wood grained lino floors or heaters to toast in front of....but they do have fresh air and grass and good duck company (like edwina) for you to hang out with.

we are currently looking for a decent used engine for my car...i think the mechanic found one today...hopefully i will not have to drive the tuna can rental for too long.

kathy took lexie for grooming, she looks beautiful.

pat the cat is back...he was adopted last fall but in the spring developed some health and toileting issues (like pissing all over the house, bad pat) anyway, he is pissed right off to be back here again...hope he gets over it soon.

murphy is asleep on the couch, he is so cute....and fourlane has finally asked to sleep up on the bed....good dog. he is not quite sure what the heck those two chi's are doing burrowing around like a couple of underground rodents but he seems to find their antics interresting anyway.

ok, i am done for now...pretty much everyone is good tonight.



ahh my little canine-son...i love that dog...every bit of my long lost mothering is his for the taking.
he is doing great...he is up to four people now able to hold and kiss and cuddle him and he likes it too! he even lets renee dress him up in sweaters sometimes...half a dozen more people whom he stays out of his crate to bark and yell at to go away when they are here...and everyone else he still runs and hides from as quick as he can.
slowly but surely squirt is taking over his world.
first he hides...once familiar and known he barks and finally, he is a process, one person by one person....and it becomes four....maybe soon six...then maybe ten. he is a very good dog.


Carol I hope your van is feeling better soon. How's Squirt doing? I didn't see him last time I was down, is he still there?


I'm glad to hear that all is well. :)

I just wanted to share a cute Madeline moment with you. Yesterday, my husband, my landlord (who LOVES her, by the way!), and I raked leaves for 4 hours. All 3 of my dogs were enjoying themselves, smelling everything that we were unearthing and wrecking our leaf piles. Maddie is pretty intent on watching my every move, so it was great to see her let loose for a minute and roll around on her back in the leaves. It was the cutest thing!