Rescue Journal

please do not forget the forgotten feline cats

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2008

there are still some in the spca's care that need a responsible and committed home. FeLV's can happily live in a spare bedroom with lots of cuddle time and a little tv and some toys, soft beds and special treats. FIV cats are no different than HIV humans...they can live as part of the family with a bit of common sense and care. Older adult or shy healthy cats would like to have a home that is focused upon their needs too. these cats have had their tough and difficult time, it would be fair to offer them something special just for them now. they paid their price for life in their suffering, oh to give them back a good life in return.

we are taking in 4 more...three older negative cats exposed to ringworm and with some chronic mouth issues and one more FeLV cat who i am pretty sure was part of the bonded group we already took in. but that's much as i want to help them all, we just can't take any more, we can only help so many and the limit is this.

if anyone can really help just one or two by giving them a home of their me in this, they will bless you each and every day...their happiness and contentment is the greatest reward. please if you can help someone have a better life, call the chilliwack spca.



I was adopted by 2 of the FF cats from the shelter itself after the SPCA intervened. I didn't know the situation as I was out of the country at the time, or else I may not have gone there. However, I did and I am head-over-heels with my 2. They suck up love like 2 sponges & return it many-fold.

Pixie is a tiny, mischievous tortoiseshell & Turbo has a purr-motor that goes into turbocharge as soon as you touch him!