Rescue Journal

i offered up part of my liver...

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2008

to a small child needing a transplant in the states...i got the circulating email yesterday and was a blood type match ( i happen to be a universal donor, O negative), her mom works at best friends and i feel a connection to the staff there because of the americats and my visit this felt kind of personal somehow. apparently cyper chain letters hang around for liver is happily not needed (thank god cuz my liver is 50 years old!)...ella got her transplant yesterday, (probably while i was sending the email she was getting a new chance at life) and this morning her mom says she is recovering well.

so today, i am asking everyone to hold ella and her mom in their prayers for a quick and permanent recovery...if lots and lots of folks from all around surround this small child with positive thoughts and energy, ella will feel it and so will her mom. never underestimate how far reaching positive energy and caring actually flows.
feel good soon ella and if i ever return to BF, i hope to see you running and playing with the animals there.

and may god bless the donor for the rest of your life and i hope your recovery is quick and uncomplicated too!


Marie Bellemare

Sending healing vibes for Ella and lots of love for her and her surroundings...