Rescue Journal

it was a beautiful warm and sunny day when i got home for my lunch break

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2008

sooo...we decided to move floyd into the chicken did not go well. first edwina puffed herself up into pretty hot duck view, wagging her tail feathers enticingly, then edwina grabbed his tail feathers and put floyd on the run. floyd started to fuss and tried to follow when we walked out of the pen, right at the fence calling us to come back and save him...there stood renee and carrie and me...all of us going awwwwww, floyd is upset.

sooooo...floyd went back to the office, he was quite happy about this. later in the afternoon, carrie took him to the shop while she organized some more and let him play in the wheelbarrow to his hearts content for a couple of watery hours.

how exactly does an almost dead duck from the hell of all duck hells, turn into a freaking spoiled rotten office duck in less than a week?

i think floyd is having an identity crises...real ducks live in coops and pens with other ducks and chickens not in freaking heated offices with personal staff to provide mobile baths.

sigh and ooops....we have accidently confused a duck.


Eva Stock


Our new supervisor, Could you please speak to the staff members that are supposed to supply the Saints charts with coloured photos individually and maybe you will get some results as I appear to have no ability in that area. Thankyou Eva.


Yes Leila , when I am reminded to pick up my ticket ( thanks Lynne) i will grab 2 for yuo guys as well. Look forward to seeing to you guys .


Hey Mo:

Your email doesn't work anymore so can I ask you here -can you pick up two tickets for me and Leila also.


I am going to come... please make sure I remember to buy my ticket this week-end.


just wanted to remind everyone who may have forgotten about the fundraiser on nov 30 at stellas. tickets still available at saints or nova scotia bank through laura or kathy. come out and support the animals.thanks


Maybe before he was in "duck hell" he was in a coop/pen and he now thinks that if he goes back to living that way then he will end up in duck hell again??


Sounds like a smart duck. I bet Floyd ends up being a house duck. LOL