Rescue Journal

freaking psycho pets

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2008

the orange fruit loop boys are all freaked furnace went in today...oooooh scary. one of them pissed on my bed, another got stuck in the drain pipe hole under the bathroom sink....grhh...not feral any more boys so knock it off!
este was trying to play with eddie...i saw his tail in her mouth...bad este.

carrie gave copper a rawhide...i forgot to tell her to never give him anything he can't instantly inhale. i came home from work and there is the fat little bastard sitting motionlessly in a hole in the dirt, in the dark, in the rain...softly growling while giving me the hairy eye ball (beagle speak for come near me and you are toast.) i know damn well there is a chewie buried under that fat beagle butt...tomorrow i will have to try to remember to dig it up, for now, i noosed him so he couldn't bite me and locked him in the house or he would stay out there all night guarding whatever he has. i swear that dog is like gollum...(my precious, my precious)...little puke.

i think everyone else is ok, or at least they have not pissed me off yet.

one more new incoming...the spca asked us to take one final FeLV cat who has ear polyps so he will get picked up with the others on saturday. he can't possibly be as much of a pain as the fruit loops or copper.



Its the weather (cold and wet) that upsets Phoebe.
She can't help herself.


are yo hassling my copper that is not fair there are a lot worse dogs there look at phoebe lol


Glad to hear sweet Phoebe has been good (compared to the others anyway). Its getting chilly during the day and at night so make sure she has one of her jackets on, I worry about her feeling the cold. Let her and the gang know that I miss them and will see them this weekend.