Rescue Journal

a run amuck duck

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2008

so eva calls me at work this afternoon, laughing so hard that i can barely understand her. i gather that she spent quite a bit of time setting floyd up with a new and improved office living area. well floyd had his own ideas on how things should go so he waited til eva was done fussing with his stuff and had moved on to bug someone else to get even, he broke into her rabbit room. he got easy access into the bunny pens by sticking his head thru the wire and then he could happily rob their pens of shavings and hay and food and throw it all over eva's clean rabbit room floor.

i imagine the rabbits seeing floyds long thin head and neck suddenly appear in their pen and i am sure they thought some big white snake with beady little red glowing eyes (and a beak) was about to eat them.

bad are a TEMPORARY office duck, you are not to goof around in the rabbit room.



Carol - I am attempting to come out this Sunday morning and can be there before noon. Is that OK? Also I have a medium - large dog crate (like new) if you or anyone else would like it. Left over "Tramadol" too if that interests you. It's about the only thing Nudge has refused to take! Do you need any kitten food at all?