Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2008

floyd is now a real duck...he has joined the other barn yard birds and seems quite happy too!

toby is finally winding down after 20 long years. his appetite is still quite good but he is starting to fade. he is our "let your fingers do the walking" cat...i will so miss his "reach out to touch somebody" you are a GREAT cat toby.

4lane snapped 3 times last week (but not at me) apparently he does not like his collar touched so i am working on this but it is hard cuz he actually likes me to touch and goof around with his collar...he is happy i am playing with him. so everyone else be careful and leave his collar alone for now.

new cats are all good...mia does not have crumpled ears from injury...she is part scottish fold..weird cats with weird ears but she is a very nice girl too. bitsy is not so bitchy and murray is not so afraid...i think he is going to be one of my had-a-tough-life cat is getting to me.

we are trialling a new med for murphy...the vets are ordering it in, hopefully it will help with his extensive allergies...fingers crossed for this.

the babes are getting really playful and they are just so freaking cute!

the vets are coming tomorrow to check out the farm guys again...edith has a sore leg, gideon and sparkles need their teeth checked, spot is looking sore when she moves...cold weather, 19 yr old cow...probably not a good combo, and they will look at spritely again too (she says she is fine but i think her leg looks like crap.)

gideon really takes his retirement seriously. all of his life he was an obliging and cooperative was his job. but in retirement, he has learned that he doesn't have to cooperate if he doesn't want to because he is not obligated anymore. wanted to de-worm him today...he thought he would pass so there ensued a bit of a power struggle, which mo won but not without gideon trying his damnest to get her to "F" off cuz he is retired and doesn't have to take crap from humans anymore.

i love that horse!



If we thought worming was a an issue... Gideon & Sparkle get their teeth floated on Friday... That should be fun.... NOT !!!

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Thanks for the updates for the charts! Maybe someone will update the pics for the charts too. Do you think? I will be there for sure after lunch and do all the charting and sort out the mp room. Eva