Rescue Journal

"catch a falling star and put her in your pocket....

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2008

save her from a rainy day.

catch a falling star and put her in your pocket

and everything will be ok."

i like to bastardize other peoples songs and lyrics to make them more pertinent.

saints is about to welcome...."an old as dirt, skinny thing with a bleeding tumour hanging from her belly"....trina from CAC correctly thought she was looking at our new saint. she is currently at the vet, about to have a chest xray and surgery to remove the tumour which i said we would pay for cuz trina is going to freaking bankrupt herself if she keeps trying to fix them all out of her own pocket..... then where will the animals be???

i think we should name her "star"...hopefully she is done falling and we will see who we caught as soon as she is ready to come home. take care star, do well with your surgery, we have a safe, clean, dry, warm, soft pocket (full of food) for you.
how many is too many?...never too many for falling stars who are trying to avoid the final crash and burn.

catch a fallen star and la la la la la...i am going to be humming this all day.

a quick note on one of the annoying past fallen ones we caught... webster (aka "broken tail" who should have been called "broken brain")...i get up this morning and am enjoying my tea and writing about star, when suddenly i hear a soft, quick, over and over rapid thumping...i look around and there is webster, up on his back legs outside in the cat run, thumping on the window to come in. you would think since he went out the doggy door, he could come in thru the doggy door...but apparently not so i got up and let him back in.

two minutes later, thumpthumpthumpthump..he is back out there and at it again, my mistake, he didn't want back in, he wanted me to go out with him...not is cold out there dear doornob.



I enjoy your blog immensely, and especially love this entry. I'm not exactly sure why it touched my heart so deeply - maybe because I teach music. I don't know. It seems a beautiful adaptation of the song. I hope Star's surgery goes well, and her light shines brightly over Saints. As for webster, he reminds me of my last dog. I always thought of him as a very outdoorsy fellow, but learned when we moved for a year to Fraser Lake, that back yards held no appeal for him unless I joined him. Apartment living, with lots of walks, was his idea of the good life.