Rescue Journal

star is here, and she is LOVELY!!!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2008

but holy crap man, she is without a doubt the most emaciated dog i have ever seen. steve asked me on F'ing earth, does a dog end up so F'ing skinny?...F'ing rotten people, that's how. trina has already called to check on how star is doing, i think star was her happy ending in a long and crappy AC week. is love at first sight, she has the best kissable lips around here since jazz. i can't wait to get that cone off her head, the staples and sutures out of her belly, some good old unfashionable fat on her bones and take her for a run in the fields.

merlin is upsetting me. he is still weak, but he is quite comfortable. he was sound asleep with his nose planted straight down into his bed when i got home...hmmm, i looked to make sure he was still breathing. i went to feed the babies and when i got back, there was merlin right at the door wailing as always like a big baby. i went in and picked him up and settled him back by the fire...2 seconds later...waaaaa! and i heard he was back again, wailing for me at the door.

anyway, merlin being merlin doesn't upset me in the is the other stuff that is tormenting me. like, he looks like shit but is still eating and drinking and wailing at me and i have his appointment booked for tomorrow. AND....i know damn well that merlin does not want to end his life with a trip to the clinic, he wants to end it at home.

soooo...i called the clinic...if we wanted to book a home euthanization, when would they be able to come?...cuz if it was the end of next week, i think that is just too far for him to go. happily, sarah can come on her lunch break on monday so i am cancelling his appointment tomorrow at the clinic and re-booking a home visit on monday. if he passes on his own before then, well at least i know he is still comfortable and happy. and if in the end, i am stealing a day or two from him, just to be safe, i think if he can die at home with all of his friends around him, he will quickly forgive me.

it is ok merlin, keep wailing at me baby, i love it when you wail and i am trying to get this right for you, so please keep wailing hello at me til monday and then i will know i did ok with this for you.




I have no doubt that you are doing right by Merlin. It saddens my heart to know that another hell-hole survivor's time has come but I know that Merlin has been living in heaven at SAINTS.

Thank you Carol for giving them everything they ever dreamed of and more. Thank you for caring enough to do this for Merlin. God Bless you and him.


chyna has another family coming to meet her this weekend... maybe these are the right ones for her (but don't hold your breath)
AND new scaredy-cat ginger tried to dig thru that aceess panel to the bathroom plumbing wall to escape into the crawl space in my old monday, could you pretty please cut and paint green a piece of plywood and screw it to that wall????? (i shoved a piece of partical board there in the mean time....sorry steve, a saintly handy-man's work with green paint is apparently never done around here! (the not-persimmon door, looks awesome BTW!)


Hey I don't think I used the f ing word as many times as you said....makin me sound like a redneck.....OH Never mind ....:).....Thats the word I would use for the prevous owners of that dog....never seen a dog that abused before.....Nurse him back to health Babe.....I think i found my favouret dog again.....I still miss Jesse....Please Someone Adopt China....:(