Rescue Journal

how to make a sad day one that just pisses you off.

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2008

both oka and merlin passed gently, today it was right for both of them.

merlin hit his bed this morning and did not get up again. he spent the day, sleeping in front of the fire, he drank some hand delivered milk but pretty much just dozed comfortably. his friends stayed with him on and off. brianne spent most of the day curled up with him and a few times i caught her sitting on top of him too. as he died with our hands all touching him, his friends wove in and out, purring and rubbing against us and him. it was a very good death for merlin. rest in peace little everyone's best-est friend.

this morning oka was in a mess, he could no longer stand at all and i had to sling him to change his bed. by noon he was able to get up on his own and went outside for a good long pee but he looked sad and finished inside his eyes and that really hurt me. i got him some tennis balls and goofed around with them and him on his bed and that cheered him up alot cuz oka just can't resist playing with his tennis balls. carrie and renee and lane took very good care of him while i was at work. and lana and laura and eva and nicole spent a good portion of the day, just being with him and checking in with merlin too. i am pretty sure even steve checked in on oka from time to time when he thought no one was looking. oka was truly well loved. when he was passing with our hands all touching him too, the vet tech said....oka was so lucky, so many family pets don't die surrounded by as much love as our beloved and homeless rotti and our little homeless FeLV big baby kitty.

rest in peace good dog and sweet cat...we will always remember and love you.

today was not all sappy and saying good bye and shedding tears when no one was looking. it was at one point a total piss off too. more than 2 years ago a very old cat was dumped in a carrier at my front door. i wasn't home, the cat was left right next to the dogs fence and they were barking their fool heads off and scaring her to death. she was a sweet cat, and i found her a great home with a very good friend of mine...she has since passed away and now is just a warm fond memory of a nice sweet cat who found a good home.

until today when her freaking ex-owner showed up, no call, no notice just wanted to visit her cat. she was quite pissed off that i had dared to place her in a loving home, she told renee i had no right to do that. apparently i was to keep her here until she died so they could visit her some day if they felt like it...even if it was almost a year after she was dead.

so there we are all sad about oka and merlin who both died without any family but us and no home but saints and here is an unhappy and pissed woman because her lovely sweet cat ended her life with a home of her own where she was loved.

nicole is right...she said if she had to live at saints the first thing she would do is put a giant freaking gate right at the entrance to the driveway to keep all the people out who try to drive us all insane.

it never ceases to amaze me how the gods always send someone selfish and self centered to mess up one of our sadder days....when will people actually get this...saints is not about the humans, it is about the animals and once they get is ALL about them, not you who left them here.....we don't ever forget them, but we do forget you.

sorry oka and merlin for getting pissed off on the day that you died.



Carol, I'm so sorry to hear about Oka & Merlin. They are free from pain and healthy now where they are. Fly free, furry ones. Bless you all at Saints for everything you do for these beautiful creatures. Shame on that cat owner for having the audacity to (a) DUMP a cat off with no permission and (b) chew you out for actually CARING about her cat when all she could do was to pass off the responsibility to someone else. Thank you for finding the kitty a wonderful home to spend his last days. You have every right to be ticked off - I'm sure that Oka & Merlin would understand and support you because that's what makes you, YOU.
~ Audrey ~

Eva Stock

Dearest Oka;

When you came to Saints I wanted to name you soul as I felt that you were all soul and you sure proved to be that. Lots of fun for you wherever your path takes you. Say hi to jessie for us too sweet dog. love Eva

Merlin; What a big heart you had to your friends and the people you knew!! Carry on the good work sweet kitty. Love Eva


Peace be with you, Oka, and with every heart you touched. You were a very good dog.

Goodbye sweet Merlin. You were loved.


Merlin, bless you. What an amazing cat! It was beautiful to witness all your friends comforting you, as you had so many times it the past when it was their time. Peace be with you.

Oka, I loved you. You were such a cool dog! Full of such a passion for life. I'll always remember your excitement at the K9H2O fundraiser. I could hardly hold you back from jumping into the pool after you saw a ball thrown in the water. Even on your last day..the glimmer in your eye when Carol played ball with you. People always talk about going into the light after passing, if this is true I'm sure you ran because you loved to chase lights. I pray for you to have your fill of Rotti size sticks. Check out the pictures of Oka killing logs (blogs from Aug.20&21) We will all miss Big goof!


i am going to miss you oka. rest in peace. and also rest in peace merlin. i am glad you had so many loving hands to help you along the way. as carol said, so many die without love or anyone around. i always feel sorry for the saints that pass, but i always know they were loved and are forevermore loved, and that makes it easier to accept. no;ne of carols animals die alone and they truly know they had lots of love from carol and everyone else at saints. what a great way to say goodbye.

Chris T

I am sorry for your losses Carol. Oka was a lovely dog and very good too. I didn't know Merlin but I am sure he was a great cat! Take care and perhaps you should build Nicole's gate.


God Bless Oka and Merlin - heaven is a much better place to look forward to with both of them there. As for the former owner - perhaps she was sent to remind us all that today (although every day) really was all about the animals!!! Not about second-guessing any decisions but a re-affirmation that SAINTS does the right thing - WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ANIMALS!!! Oka and Merlin don't deserve to have their day tarnished by such a selfish, unforgiving human - haven't they endured more than their share of that?! Celebrate the loving home and wonderful memories that Oka and Merlin had and gave us all.