Rescue Journal

wondering about what today will bring....

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2008

one day i would like to have a free shelter consulting resource set up to go out and help other shelters overcome obstacles. i could try to achieve to be the very best consultant in the world but there would be a little problem....i wouldn't have any clients... none of us (myself included) like someone else telling us how to get things done. we are all just like that...stubborn, proud, resource guarding, pig-headed, independent freaks....omg! we are like malamutes!

the fundraiser was fun, laura and lana did a really great job (and they made sure i ended up with a bottle of baileys, altho...i almost had two in my hands!) thank you guys from all of us...especially from the crippled crew. thank you steve for the watch so i can TRY to be on time once in awhile and thank you maggie for the beautiful basket of goodies for all of our volunteers!!!
i heard a couple of "jewel" jokes...sigh...saints jewel of the wide and long and unforgettable as the watery real thing.

i better go get oka fixed up...first thing in the mornings are very tough on him now. he is ready to go...merlin i am not so sure about...he still looks freaking content and comfortable surrounded by all of his friends. at least with my new watch i can try to get back here on my lunch break before the vet so i can decide about the best thing for merlin, and spend a few minutes with oka before he begins his last journey.

today will be a difficult day, filled with doubt, second guessing and huge, huge loss. i don't know why this doesn't ever get easier, it's not like i haven't been here hundreds of times before.

maybe that is why i want to try consulting...maybe for a change i would like to be strong and effective at a beginning instead of always stumbling and sad at an end. whatever....i truly love merlin and oka and today my real job is just about them.



"stubborn, proud, resource guarding, pig-headed, independent freaks….omg! we are like malamutes!"

Too true Carol! The inner workings, politics and ppl in rescues quite amuse me.... but actual Malamute Rescue is even worse because all involved are just like their Malamutes! Not a Golden Retriever personality in sight LMAO!

RIP Merlin & Oka


i hope the fundraiser was not only fun, but successful. let us know how you did and laura a nd lana you did an awesome job. i had a great time and got some neat silent auction items. i am afraid to ask about oka, hope he enjoyed his hamburger last night. and cleo too.


Thanks Lana and Laura for an awesome time! Good luck with Oka and Merlin, both awesome animals. I don't think deciding when or when not to let an animal go is supposed to be easy! hop it all goes well.