Rescue Journal

laura's comment made me kind of sad....

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2008

first to see so many much loved faces, healthy, smiling faces that since those two days at the end of summer have just faded away....charlie, oka, merlin, sanjaya, nola, jed, jesse, sunrise, raymond and jeanette...and that is barely half of the ones recently gone that are not in those photos...phyllis, tyler, sparky, julie, hook, washington, simon, clover, darla and mr.tug-at-my-heart-a-lot...the list goes on and on. in those pictures they all looked so alive, they all looked like they were here forever...where did forever go?

never, never take for granted even one single day...they make you love them in a blink of an eye and they leave you with nothing but their memory to hold on to just as freaking fast.

great, great animals...the best in the whole entire world.



hah! i now possess 2 and a half bottles of baileys! my goal is one single hot chocolate and baileys every night thru the freaking long, cold, and dark winter... i almost have enough stashed around smells soooo good....someone should bring that special warm and comforting scent to fabreeze cuz some of their stuff smells like insecticide.


OMG, I can't even count how many times I have asked the same thing about how carol does it.. when I started volunteering at SAINTS I made a concious effort to not get emotionally involved.. (years back when I volunteered at the SPCA it was because I got so involved that I had to stop ) .... so that was my plan when I started at SAINTS... HA ... Fat chance, there is no possible way to spend time with these guys & not fall completly & totally in love. I'm glad that I am not the type who is able to separate those feelings at will, cuz what Carol & the crippled crew has taught me is that, 1) all time is precious 2) the smallest of kind gestures can still mean the most 3) all life is worth living & saving 4)death is not the enemy and 5) mankind has much to learn from the animals that walk with us.

I am not an overly gushy person,most of my tears are shed in private , and I will never be a " Carol" but what SAINTS has taught me over time , I will carry for the rest of my life & hopefully it will help me when I face other challenges & losses….. And if not… there is always Baileys : - )


Well said carol. I don't think borders should be a deciding factor in rescuing animals. We help and allow people in from other countries that need refuge and escape even though we have people (canadians) here that need help and support. I think the animals should be able to go to the rescue that has space, is able to look after them and support them the best.


bev...i am a nurse...people, animals, those you love, we ourselves.... die...this is life for every single one of us. if billions and trillions of animals and people have walked this final path before us...why should we be so afraid?
the depth of loss we feel at each of their life endings just measures exactly how much value and love they felt as they is like a real life retirement dinner...our tears and sadness are their solid gold and forever engraved pocket watch given in respect and love and thankfulness for sharing that wonderful life with us.

oka and merlin and your lovely jazz are not just mere flesh and was their light inside them that moved us so deep to our cores...the body died, and now i believe that light is floating around free....they spend a lot of time lighting up the best parts of my memory.


Enquiring minds want to know....

How do you do this Carol? How do you deal with their individual loss and SO MANY losses so frequently?
I think I have sort of an idea... you HAVE to deal... because they need can not have long weak moments because you have so many dependant on you to be strong for them?

I have SUCH a terrible time when I lose one oldie that I often wonder why you are not a complete basket case with all you do in a day nevermind the emotional attachment to each one. I really do admire you for your strength. HOW do you do that part?