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Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2008

i met a 90 yr old today...i was doing a pain assessment so i asked her..."do you have any pain anywhere?"..."no"..."none? not even occasionally, like mild arthritis, stiffness, soreness? a once in a while headache?..."no." i want her freaking body! some people have all the luck. today i feel like i was run over by a train and i am only 50...can't imagine what i will feel like in another 40 years but i bet it won't be pretty.

so i can see the staff were picking thru the collars and decking out the dogs today...funny how so many of the collars have a memory. este is wearing jazz's multi-flowery thing, maude is wearing nola's, and jewel is wearing michael's. i am looking at the one that lexi is wearing and i know there was a previous much loved neck in there, but i can't think of who that collar belonged to before, it might eventually come to me....everyone looks lovely anyway.

i sent nicole a pic of kai...the little old tibetan spaniel that is probably coming with bridgette from california...nicole said their site has listed alot of "in danger" dogs up for euth, in local shelters...apparently according to the ace of hearts website, the LA shelters alone, euth approx. 475 animals a DAY....omg, i looked at their pictures....beautiful young adult dogs and small innocent puppies, like the sweet little 3 or 4 month old boxer, the litter of small dog pups and 2 gorgeous matching young adult boxers too, there are pointers and hounds and lab and shepX's, big guys, little guys, lots of bulldog types, almost all of them are young...the old and sick ones probably never even make it to the adoption pages. i went to the LA county animal control shelters pages, one has listed over 375 dogs, there is a picture of a cowering against the wall 2 month old chi pup on a beaten up, ancient bare metal table. i think here in the lower mainland, we can't even conceive of the utter devastating numbers of very soon to be dead dogs in the large urban centers of the US... such a heart breaking crying shame.



Yes, it is very sad and criminal that so many companion animals are killed ever day in North America because of human ignorance. I have said time and again that we have domesticated these creatures to become dependant upon us for food, shelter, medical care and love. I blame some of the shelters for the high kill rate. We, as the public have to be more dilligent in spaying and neutering our pets, no if's and's or but's. The philosophy and agenda of many shelters has to modernize. Instead of beleiving you have to take and kill the excess number of dogs and cats to reduce the population they should be spending more on education to reduce the numbers at the source. The book, REDEMPTION by Nathan J. Winograd is a good read on how changing our thinking can lead us to a no kill society.