Rescue Journal

soooo...the next time you come to saints, might be....

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2008

sunday, December 14th from 1pm til 4 pm for our annual volunteer, staff and friends xmas potluck get together.

and if you might come here on that day, we might just give you a new tour so you can see the new office/medical room, the beautiful outdoor cathedral protecting our memory stones, the new roofed shavings shed and the almost finished today...all weather proof loafing shed so all of our barn guys can find somewhere dry out of the rain. you can meet the forgotten feline cats, and 4lane who no one has called foreplay for at least a few weeks, you can meet half pint an old tea cup poodle who is arriving on saturday that we expected several weeks ago, you can give star another cookie and see how much weight she is packing on, watch copper pack on even more unneeded weight as he happily steals some of our food, and maybe even meet bridgette and kai to make it a welcome home party too.

lots of changes, all for the good, and all because of everyone who cares so much about the crippled crew.

hope to see you on sunday, the 14th of december to share our happy cheer and we will be sharing a ton of warm and fuzzies to warm your holiday memories...our guys are outstanding at this.


Eva Stock

Will ask the time for the party when I come over after the apot. I have to do in M. R. this am as I have to take the boys to the award ceremony on the 14th at 3pm.Hope I can attend both. Eva


i am so glad she is doing well...great little dog...rae will be happy too!


shit....oops sunday the 14th.(i am busy with hanging out with my daughter for a couple of hours on saturday the 13th afternoon.)


I think the 13th is a Saturday? If it is, I can definitely go. :)

Just a quick update on Maddie - her spay went well. She had 2 teeth extracted and her bloodwork is normal. She's on some antibiotics, some drops for her smellier ear, and some Metacam for any pain. She is completely and utterly stoic. I've never seen anything like it! She hops up and down like it's nothing. Unlike Mavi, my chi, who won't even let you touch him for a week after he's been vaccinated. ;)