Rescue Journal

rescue at the midnight hour

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2008

THAT is when i am a freaking saint.

i awake to a crying that renders my heart into a tight and fearful knot. i leap from the bed and run to the kitchen to discover squirt is not dead in the jaws of some invading beast but deep in a nightmare instead. i pick him to comfort him and he sweetly licks my face. i carry him back to bed with me, murmuring he is safe. i take him to bed and he kisses and greets each loved and much missed friend and they are all happy to see that he is ok.

and then he cheerfully lifts his leg on my pillow. NEVER get angry with squirt, not inside or out or he will go cowering for his freaking safety crate...(bloody puppy mill bastards.) and you just can't pretend you are ok with him whatever he does for he like everyone else around here can sense that lie. so you ARE ok that he just pissed on your bed and you kiss him and love him right back to the kitchen.

i settled him in bed with chyna and then went to get clean sheets for my bed.

i pulled off the quilt and i pulled off the sheets, i got a clean pillow and i cleaned the pad underneath. i re-made the bed with identical brown sheets but was screwed out of a quilt for the night.

i looked at the crew who were still on the bed, cooperatively moving from side to side as i put on the clean bedding and joked with them about squirts with the social skills of bananas.... whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

and suddenly it occured to me that i was missing a poodle. my brain initially says, "oh crap, you wrapped up that tiny half pint and tossed her in the laundry basket." but it wasn't half pint i was missing, it was cuddles and where the heck was he anyway? i dig thru the quilt, there is no poodle there, i look in the kitchen in case he followed me. i came back to bed and i called out his name...and there is cuddles face poking out under the bed.

so here is the moral of my late night madness. i might think i am so good at hiding my angst when squirts piss on my bed, but obviously i ain't all that great cuz cuddles sure knew to go hide under the bed.

anyway...they are all back on my bed where they belong and squirt is asleep with his friend the shar pei and i am in here because on my search for missing poodles, i noticed that molly pooped another long mile. now that i have changed my bed and washed a floor, i don't feel like going to sleep yet feels like the start of another day.



Eva Stock

Hi late nighters;

Now you see why I have rabbits. The other thing is cats and dear bandit gets me up anywhere from 5 to 7 am whether I need to be up or not. Eva


i hae to giggle at your story, colleen. most people do not floss let alone dogs. too cure.


would it be horrible of me to giggle?

( *giggle giggle giggle * )

I was in bed, lightly drifting off, and I heard the sound of someone smacking their lips. I turned over and saw Frankie had a piece of dental floss, attached to the roll, embedded between his teeth! Good boy Frankie with tending to your own teeth for a change, but it took me near 10 minutes to wrestle the roll away. I guess he likes the spearmint flavor!

But Ha! I am mile long poop. (no giggling )