Rescue Journal

uppity dates

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2008

suzie did fine with her dental, she is a tough little cookie. chica however is still not feeling great...she was acting all sick and vulnerable and puked in the middle of the night. i will get the staff to watch her today.

so murphy is an odd dog, in a nice sort of way. he is like the best-est, quietest, polite-est dog in the world. and then poof..the kitchen is not good enough so he sits against the wire and whines till i feel sorry for him. and poof before you know it, he is taking up 3/4's of the freaking bed. and BIG POOF, he decides he wants to play with the littlest poodle and pisses her off instead. he is such a sweet, sweet boy. is finally getting full or she is not feeling great. not wolfing down her food like a desperate starved dog last night...she did eat it all but without her usual enthusiasim...i think she looked slightly bored by the taste.

fingers crossed here...i think maybe, ringwormy momma and babies are finally turning the corner and are starting to look kinda cute! they always get worse before they get better so i am thinking they finished with worst so now are looking better! yay! good job carrie!!!!

i just pulled a 2 inch thread out from hanging in boo's was actually 2 feet long, duh boo, not so smart!

i just want to acknowledge the great job renee, lane and carrie are doing...the animals look great, their home looks (and smells) great and the stories you tell me at noon and pictures and videos you guys take on your cell phones of them all being great (when you are supposed to be working)...tell me you are happy they are happy too! thx you guys from all of us!

and we better hurry up and re-name the icky doorless room cuz steve and randy have it gutted, bought the new window and doors (NICE DOORS!) and will be re-building it into something really special soon. big thx to you guys too!
i am thinking we could call it "the little could room"...the little room that could be nice, could be used, it could be a nice home, or a retreat, or a play area, or anything and everything we want it to be... whenever, whatever we could be almost anything....(except a new home for the horse)

i so like a happy saints filled with positive possibility!



give milo a big kiss back from me. he is one terrific dog. so glad he has a great home.

Pat Dumont

Next week is going to be cold - are you in need of clean winter horse blankets sizes 78- 82. Some water proof some not. Regarding the police horse - if it is a Stanley Park horse please contact the Park cops. They used to follow their retired horses and would home them if life turned sour. I have never heard of one of their horses being a schoolie as they were rehomed carefully. Many years ago (like 25 yrs) we had a retired police horse so we are aware of their policies. Of
course times do change. Milo sends a big kiss.