Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2008

what a great word to describe the saints tonight...carrie and renee got the dog moves done. is not happy, phoebe is not happy, jewel, chyna, maude, este are not happy...toby is really not happy cuz now his favorite shelf next to my computer desk is gone too.

soooo...chyna got put back in the kitchen. phoebe, maude and jewel came back to the cat room. star went back to her entrance way which she has grown to like quite alot.

maude and jewel are now happy, chyna is now happy, star is happy again. phoebe is a little bit happier but now her bed is different which she is not sure that she likes. toby is still unhappy because he wants his shelf. este is going to stay unhappy cuz she is a pain in the butt and is better where she now is.

i moved things around a bit cuz that open area by the computer desk is perfect to set up bridgette's spot and i just put the blue bench there for now but it is going to have to move tomorrow to the FF little cat room. i will fiddle around a bit more to find toby something that is a compromise but he still likes. toby is too old to be upset at this point in his life...we might have to put the shelf back.

discombobulated is a great way to describe the saints tonight (or spoiled rotten big freaking OCD babies).

ginger is not faring well, she is not making the adjustment here very well...too shy, too retiring, basically too old and frail to deal with all of this upside down crap in her life. we put her back in a cage tonight so we can moniter exactly how much she eats and drinks.

it is supposed to freeze tonight so lane got all the heat taped water lines plugged in. and my freaking van's engine light is on again.... i still have one more very busy day at work. it better not blow up on me, i cannot deal with it til monday.

so wish me luck for a peaceful night with animals who are comfortable where they are. wish me luck that tomorrow night i still have a car. wish ginger luck that somehow here, she can learn to feel safe. and tomorrow....wish bridgette and kai (and eldad, their human travelling companion) a safe and happy journey to saints.

all these things to think about, and i am feeling discombobulated too.



ginger is the fairly new arrival..been here a few surrender, baby allergic....came in the same time as shilo the siamese pooping in her crate cat, who by the way, now that she is not confined anymore is pooping in her cat box...tell me...why would a cat owner, lock her cat up in a crate every night? shilo obviously did not like that!

toby already has his shelf back...he is now happy again too.
and the FF cats are happy...they like the blue bench in their room.


I vote for the shelf to go back - although knowing cats and their ways (except Jenny Two) Toby might not go back to it......................... Who is Ginger again Carol?