Rescue Journal

last night was weird

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2008

i got home late cuz i had dinner with steve and cathy (not weird...mmmmmm good!) and made it finally into the house just after 8 pm.

it took til just after 10 to clean up the mess, and settle everyone including myself to bed...and then at 11:12 i awake to some freaking noisy car, gunning its engine in my driveway...who in the freaking hell is so inconsiderate and self centered to think they can just wake up everyone here, including me to play stupid macho car games in my driveway so late at night?

i was pissed. by the time i got the dogs from erupting into chaos and threw on my bathrobe and slippers, the cowards had was after midnight by the time everyone was settled again.

i don't want a freaking gate at the end of my driveway...i am fenced in with wire and gates everywhere i go as it is. i want one freaking open space for me to come and go without opening and closing and locking and checking all of that shit that i already have to do here everywhere else to keep everyone safe....i want my driveway open at least.

but people for whatever reason still come here way after dark... to see the animals in case their missing fluffy is here, or their animal is sick and they have no money and want me to fix it now thank you, ask for a tour...hmmm, it is dark folks?? or to drop some animal off that has to go now, at 9 pm cuz calling at 9 am was too early for them (shit!!!! i should have gone out to look for an animal in a crate!!!...i just thought of that, i better go check) or just to rev up their stupid engine cuz it makes them feel like a man while waking everyone here who was quiet and settled a moment before.

i spent the rest of the night awake off and on, hearing doors and gates open in my half sleep and getting up to check out the windows just in case my mind wasn't playing tricks on me.

it felt weird to be paranoid in the dark. i don't want to be up checking out windows when i want to be sleeping!
anyway, i guess cuz humans are so inconsiderate and thoughtless at times, i will have to lock myself in one more way and one more time just to get some privacy and peace at night when i am finally done working around really pisses me off tho....i don't want to be locked in but i do want to lock the world out, at least late at night when the rest of the world should be restful enough not to come here to wake us all up for whatever reason. so last night it was a moron with a hot car...tonight it might be someone else, you just never know what or when.
why do i live in this weird and constant rescue world?...i must be weirdo too...but i will soon be a weirdo with a locked gate!(next comes the gun)



I don't know that were a "violent bunch" were just passionate about our favorite mess with saints you mess with all of us.... yur the one that keeps bringing on the Damn Redneck Help....sorry its who we are.....good ole Boys N Girls..... :) ;)


what a violent bunch....i better get a gate just to keep all of you guys out of jail!...altho i suppose...eva and steve could share a cell til laura raises the money to spring them....ok, no gate yet.

Eva Stock

I'll sure do a 50/50 for that one Steve. Eva
Boy that makes me mad Carol. I'll be there later of course.Eva I am 2 minutes away. Kicking ass is one of my favs. Tammy ain't no slouch either!


Hey Steve, we support you 100%. We can always have a "Get Steve Out" Beer & Burger Fundrasiser!!!


Punk ass little bastards....If someone is on yur property late at night doing the cops.....thats what were payin them to do....If not me!!!!!Have big dog n gun..5 min away...would love to catch some punk.....Hope yu'll post my bail.... :) .... ._.