Rescue Journal

bridgette and kai are here

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2008

bridgette is as sweet and lovely as she can possibly be. kai is very sick and not happy..he reminds me of tyler...i think rescue was too long in coming for him maybe....but we'll see..hope floats til it sinks.

their travelling companion, a very nice and interesting man. the difference in rescue between here and LA is just as huge and profound as between here and our own north. i feel like we are in an oasis of plenty between devastations. i know we have own our tales of sadness and seemingly insurmountable challenges but it is just not to the same degree. we are lucky here in this area and i am just fully beginning to appreciate this fact. it is funny how much broader have become my perspectives in the past few years.

anyway, i am glad i rescue here...this is hard enough for me but in other places it probably would just destroy me.

a reminder to everyone....


if anyone is free to help around here tomorrow (saturday) morning, i would be grateful. i have to take eldad back into vancouver to catch his flight home early...we will be leaving here at about 8 am, and i probably won't be back much before noon so the animals are going to be waiting for awhile longer than usual..they won't like that too much.

if everyone is busy, it is ok is here for the barn and i can catch up with everything else in the afternoon cuz yay i am on holidays...or at least my version of holidays anyway.

hope to see you on sunday and i will introduce you to everyone new!

which reminds incoming, trina from CAC called me today. this dog she said is in worse shape than star was, ...she is in the vets on IV's, awaiting blood results. hopefully, she can come home here, we will have to see. so fingers crossed that she like star can stop falling, at least for a liitle while please.

oh...and i agreed to take in a 13 yr old cat. the family took him to the vet for euth...peeing in the house and losing alot of weight. they say they can't pay for vet care and because of his peeing need him to go. the vet refused because the cat is probably just hypothyroid and passed on my number. i told them to sign him over and take him back to the vet and we will find out what is wrong with him and go from there. poor boy..i believe he has been booked back into the vet for tuesday.


Francesca Wilson

Carol, Don and I are planning to come on Sunday. Will be there a bit early so we can do a chore or two - clean the fields??
Looking foward to being there.


i had just climbed into bed and woof, woof...bridgette woke up, found herself alone and emptied her bladder. i changed the pad underneath her, repositioned her onto her other hip, gave her a drink, covered her with another fleece and turned on the lights and the tv.
geez it must be scary to be put on a plane, hauled in a car and set up on a yoga mat in a very strange place.

i should have set her up in my bedroom might be a bit of an adjustment for both of us to get this all figured out right.

kai is still sleeping...i think he sleeps so much to avoid knowing too much about what is sucking so badly around him at any given is better to just sleep thru it if you can.

sad night at saints for dogs who feel vulnerable, hopefully they can both find their power here how good it feels while bossing around the humans.