Rescue Journal

so the day started and continued well...

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2008

despite the freezing cold...lots of great help to get ready, lots of really great food. lots of my favorite people and dogs all gathered together in the very same room.

once everyone left tho, it started to suck rather badly. the pipes to the shop and barn are frozen so i had to carry out big buckets of water for the cows, goats and llama.,,,but i already knew this and so was prepared. what i was not prepared for was the power going out in the barn. it is a very good thing i know their feeding and meds so well, apparently i can do it even in the dark. what i did not anticipate tho, was the horses freaking out.

LET US IN.......LET US IN....IT IS FREAKING COLD OUT HERE!!!!!! so i get all their dinners ready and i let the stupid buggers in.

OM FREAKING G!!!! it is dark in here! are you crazy??? we can't go into a stall we can't see in...there might be something different and scary in there. so we will all stand in the aisle all nervous and confused and just about trample the stupid human who let the lights go off.

sigh...i couldn't get them in, i couldn't get them out...i finally left them milling around like morons and went outside to open all the windows (which were locked).

i guess there was enough light outside to convince them there were no monsters waiting to eat them within. then they went in their stalls and quietly ate their dinner.

kai is blowing blood clots out of his nose. one of our vets was here so he said to stop the metacam for now and just give him tramadol. he also said that the bladder stones and polynephritis could really be making him feel like shit so the sooner we get that dealt with the sooner he just might feel better ...but that has nothing to do with whatever is going on in his nose. hope it is not a nasal tumour...oh kai, you are a worry for sure.

anyway...on the whole it was a pretty good day...most of the dogs got to come over to the party and i know all of them really liked that. lexi liked it so much over there that she decided to have a sleepover with cleo.

and speaking of sleepovers, chyna is out for the weekend with her maybe new family for a trial sleepover too.

i would like our pipes to unfreeze and i would like power back on in the barn please, and then i will say it was a very good day but sadly i can't say that right now.



i can come on the 17 if you like , to help unload. phone me on your way out 604 8267287 and i will meet you there. or cell 604 302 7871. carol put that somewhere in case you need me to do something and you need to get ahold of me. i am only 5 min away from saints. great party by the way.


Any thought given to purchasing a gas fueled generator (or two or three? One for the barn, one for the hose, one for the MP room/shop?


i believe the breaker for the barn is in the new panel.....check that one


Wish I could have been there! I hope Copper got to go to the party too. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa Paws is good to you and yours! Carol I will see you on the 16th with Trev. And the 17th for Trev and with stuff, HEAVY,BIG,STUFF. Will be out after 6pm and will need help unloading. Thanks

Chris T

Great party Carol. It was great to meet Star and Bridgette - what nice, nice dogs. Everything looks so good! You have all been working very hard and it shows!