Rescue Journal

matched sets

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2008

i have matched sets of sheets on my bed and apparently i have matched sets of dogs in my bed as well...2 poodles, 2 chi's, 2 freaking bed hogging labx's too. maybe i am a back hurts from collecting the buggers on my bed.

lahanie the police horse is coming...the young trapped cat at the vet is coming, the senior cat from the vet who needs medical care is coming and monkey is coming too (the owner surrendered cat due to allergies, hairballs and kids)

remind me to shoot myself some day.

i rarely even check the house phone anymore...i am starting NOT to carry around my cell...pretty soon i won't check my email anymore either...then maybe i can ignore the mess out there where cleaning and organizing people's lives means the animals need somewhere to go.

i am tired, it is still freaking frozen up here AND my hair this morning is full of static electricity...i really hate that.



Carol, that post was such a mix. Just as I was totally feeling for you, the static electricity comment brought out loud laughter, but also took the empathy to a whole new level!

And Zoe (so nice to have a face to put with the name, after meeting you last night), I had that same momentary thought. I can just imagine the blog posts...

Zoe M.

I'm not going to lie-the first time I read this I was in a slight rush, about to start work. For a moment I thought SAINTS had gone to the next level and taken in a monkey.

Chris T

Telus will also do a smart ring. You could get another phone number that would ring differently from your SAINTS number and then you would know it was a personal call. Doesn't cost much either. An IP phone is a good idea too unless the power or the internet goes out. Given where you are I would suggest keeping at least one land line in case of a power outage.


IP phone, Carol. Get an IP phone (Vonage) and let someone else take the messages. Then change your personal number and the problem is managed.