Rescue Journal

i forgot my funny for today..

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2008

i was putting the barn guys to bed and once i had their dinners all ready, i opened the doors and called them in. everyone came...except the sheep, in the dark they just stood there and stared at me, silently still as statues.

"come on girls, dinner is ready." and they were supposed to move. "come sweeties, supper is here" and they were supposed to come. "lets go babies, time to eat." and they were supposed to walk in the door.

they just stood there staring at me. "what's the matter honeys?"...."annie?, kissy? grammy? elizabeth? aren't you going to come???"

and then it hit me..they didn't know who i was. ooops...i pulled my orange hoody off my head (it was cold out there) and in they trotted, happy as clams.

funny sheep.

a little bit more info on star that she shared tonight. she used to be in some distant past, a well loved dog. she asked to come into my bedroom when the guys and me retired to watch a movie. she hopped up the stairs that lead to my, two, three...curled up with her head on my pillow.

i think it is almost sadder to have once loved and lost. i think hell seems much more lonely and hurtful if you remember a happier time....sigh...anyway, that is now in her past too..tonight she is quite happy and comfortable curled up on my bed.

i wonder exactly how many dogs are going to get attached to my bed....i made it too easy for them...i should never have set up those stairs.

oh and if anyone has any...bridgette needs some warm longish baby socks...her back legs and feet get cold because she does not move them a lot....i will buy her a few pairs but i know they will always be getting lost in the wash so the more that she has, the more we can keep her warm....thx in advance if you can send her some.



i have resin spa is 2 full treads, good width and sturdy as can be.
they were about $100, i bought them at a going out of spa business sale...i still have an extra box of them cuz while perfect for a bed with 3 open sides to choose from...too big for in front of a one sided couch.

next time you come out, look at mine and if you want the extra one, i'll trade you for hay!

cheryl and stef

you are saying stairs to your bed...can you let us know what type of stairs they are because we are trying to find big dog stairs and the only ones we find are the ones for small dogs to get onto couches...we need big dog to get on to a higher bed...