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snow shots...

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2008

no i did not have a camera (yeah right) so bear with me and close your eyes and see if you can see...

the staff bring their dogs to work..carrie has a sam, 100 pound newfie, renee has kiwi, a three pound chi puppy and lane has carl, a 120 pound rotti.

kiwi hangs out with her mom while she works but carl and sam hang out with cleo (and trevor) in the MP room.

anyway...i let them all out to pee in the snow. cleo goes first cuz the boys are all afraid of her. then out goes sam to pee where cleo did. carl goes next and pees where sam peed where cleo peed, and then trevor goes out to pee on top of all of them. the big boys all tromp back in, except cleo, she runs out to pee again in the very same place because she is top dog in that mp room. that was a helluvalotta yellow snow.

este laying outside in the snow looking like a totally pathetic dolt cuz she does not want to go back in the big dog room...tough cookies. i made her go in and locked the doggy door, bad mannered dogs do not get to go where ever they like, not even if they are old and covered in snow.

dog run...most everyone went and this is how it looked in the deep snow.

chica was chasing sam the newfie in snow as deep as she, he almost let her catch him but not quite. este fell four times on the ice, she is not very bright. sam and al (with a toy in his mouth) running full speed across the field and sliding across the pond. cole chasing sam...yes, cole was PLAYING!!! lexi was barking "its too cold, its too cold" as she followed at my feet. tyra, maude and phoebe, running and running and running. cuddles was also running and jumping in fun but he was distracted by the frozen pooh ball stuck to his butt. suzie was barking and chasing everyone, too much fun with so many to chase. jewel was playing with her frozen soccor ball, and almost dead but not now star just joyously bounded happily around. murphy was running...yes murphy was RUNNING with a toy in his mouth. half pint the tiny tea cup poodle did not want to be carried around, she trotted in that snow like a big dog looking tough and proud (and no mo she did not have a sweater on.)

the only scary moment was when ellie came flying down the hill..."NO ELLIE!!! DON"T GO OUT ON THE ICE, YOU ARE TOO FREAKING BIG!!!!" ellie of course went out on the ice anyway and she did not fall thru thank god. and i told carrie that since she got paid and i did not, she had to go get that pig...ha ha and she did! carrie said she could feel the ice cracking beneath her and that was scary tho (its ok, it is only a foot deep in that spot)...anyway apparently pigs like to play in the snow too.

copper was missing with his daisy, he was digging around in the barn looking for something good to eat on a cold and snowy afternoon run.

it was very beautiful here with all of the snow and all of the dogs (and a pig) having fun....too bad the rest of you had to work today...ha ha again..i am on holiday.


Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

I am unable to sleep and hope I will be able to get my car out today. It sounds like you all had such a great time on your run. I can imagine you and Carrie laughing your heads off. I wish I had a 4 x 4. I am sure going to try and get things going today. The kids haven't gone to school for two days as they have all been closed. Have you been making it to work Tammy? It is a weird feeling when you can't get out of your driveway. I guess if I get stuck, I should be able to call a tow truck hey? I wish I had some socks for Bridgette. I only have big ones fro the kids. That is a good idea though. I will get her a bunch from the second hand store when I get out for sure ok. Eva


Go to Brindleweb to see the photos Sheena took of Tucker. There's one that would melt the hardest of hearts. I don't know how to post photographs here.


We took Tucker to the "park" at the end of our street this afternoon to revisit his puppyhood in the snow. There's a pond, just like at SAINTS, except that it is not one foot deep. 15 feet? 20 feet? Anything over 5'4" is too damn deep for me.
Tucker, in his infinite Lab wisdom, decided that he was a hairy yellow curling rock and went trotting across the middle of the pond. Angelina and I were yelling ourselves hoarse trying to get him to turn around, but we had forgotten the whistle we use when we really need him to hear us.
We were both looking at crawling on our bellies over the ice to drag Tuck out of the hole we knew he was going to create.
The dog has horseshoes crammed in orifices, I swear to God.

Eva Stock

Excuse me;

Nobody has noticed that I am not there and I am so annoyed with myself as I did not move my car to the top of the yard and now I cannot get out and the ladies I was to clean for in Maple Ridge today asked me not to drive as they heard the weather report and advise me I would be risking too much. It has bugged me all day. And I wanted to hang out at Saints and bother Carol and everyone and I did not want to walk there as I can not tolerate the cold right now. My hands just ache. So someone say hello or something. Did all our dear staff get their cards and ornaments Carol? So glad to hear about Murphy and all the little maniacs. Half pint needs a coat!!! Are you able to drive? See you. Eva


you and tammy sure can pick em. (of course i picked clyde so iam one to talk)


do not be mean to este she is really quire a sweet dog she is my dog as tammy has phoebe. she is not stupid i wish i could take her. too bad i alrready have 3.