Rescue Journal

cold snaps suck

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2008

i finally got out to patrelli's to pick up enough herbal remedies to last spritely thru their extended 3 month holiday, i told them they had to call as soon as they got back cuz i wanted to start bridgette on some accupuncture...i am sure she will still be parapalegic in 3 months and in the mean time, i will do some accupressure with her like they taught me to do.

the barn is frozen again today and so are all of the buckets inside the barn...big freaking drag. the chickens and ducks had no water at all cuz that last bucket heater didn't work. i hooked up another on so they could have water too and i checked it at 4 pm thank freaking god cuz the water was BOILING HOT!!! WTF??? it is a freaking bucket heater and i had it in a freaking big and full bucket...i am going back to the feed store tomorrow and asking them what is up?

i had to take al in to the vets this morning, he had a large is fixed now and his head is wrapped and he is sleeping off the anaesthetic out in the MP room with cleo cuz i couldn't carry him all the way into the house. hopefully he will be more wide awake in a bit and i can move him back to my bedroom which is where he wants to be.

lahanie is here and he is a stunning deep burnt chocolate brown with black socks and a blaze on his face...a really handsome guy. his spine stands up a few inches, his ribs are sticking way out, he has very little muscle mass left and his feet are a mess too. he got out of the trailer and he started in on a pile of hay...he pretty much never stopped eating until it was supper time again. we got a blanket on him so he is warmer than he has been in awhile and won't burn off so many calories trying to keep his body temperature up....soooo, he should theoretically be easy to put weight on again...i hope, i hope, i hope...... nice horse!

well i am pretty tired and hungry cuz i too was freaking cold most of soup, hot bath, hot chocolate and baileys are my prescription for toasty warmth tonight....hmmm and maybe a movie? i wonder if something good is on tv?


Judy B

Hi Carol - I sent you a small package but apparently they tried to deliver and left a pick up note... did you get that?