Rescue Journal

it is almost done

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2008

..just laundry, feeding and meds left. the die-hard troops arrived and took care of everyone's not only sold myself into slavery, i sold some other folks too!

lahanie is great, he's fully mixed in with everyone and everyone accepts him as part of the herd. he did kick percy in the head when he was trying to sneak in a sniff of lahanie's back foot....poor percy, everyone i told today chuckled and said the exact same thing..."serves him right" ....poor cow.

my posse was pretty frozen and miserable while i was out cleaning the barn...poodles and chihauhua's, skinny boxers, hairless shar pei's, athritic jewels, maudes, lexie's and al's recovering from surgeries really should have been wrapped up in bed...but loyalty is loyalty and until i was done, they stuck it out with they are all warm and sleeping....they did their job well today.

neither snow or ice or freezing cold will keep me from performing my duty...sigh...and that is saints (human and animal) in a freaking frozen nutshell.

thx everyone!!!!!!



Thanks Lynne .. I was hoping my absence wouldn't deprive them of their MP time... i gave them extra treats on Staurday just in case, so they really lucked out.


mo, i was you today i took jack, cole, copper, cleo and phoebe into the multipurpose room, where they got treats galore and took some in to the inside dogs.all was well, i hope you got to go to your get together have a great christmas.