Rescue Journal

wow...xmas card perfect...

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2008

this new pristine blanket of snow...very, very beautiful. lots of great animal photo ops which no one else will see ever cuz even if i did carry a camera around, i'd be too busy to use it. so i am looking at that snow fall and thinking seriously...not much help coming to saints today maybe...and it is ok...i can get the basics for everyone done just nothing fancy.

but what i am seriously thinking about this white snowy me.

i am one of the bright shining stars in the world of new ways to privately rescue. i am smart, i am clever, i am creative as hell in figuring how to get things done well. i can push the envelope and pull miracles outta my ass..not like in curing anyone around here but just in making saints grow from a tiny crappy trailer in the bush to a beautiful and functioning and effective compassionate seniors facility from what it was almost exactly four years ago.

i don't think in a box, i never accept "good enough" (except on the very few days like today, when good enough is going to have to do)....i stretch and grow and make saints stretch and grow to meet the needs of more and more animals...from the animals perspective, this is a good thing cuz otherwise they would be in real trouble somewhere.

ain't i grand? ain't i wonderful? ain't i just the stupidist freak in the whole gawd damn freaking world?

jeezus christ carol, grab a freaking have four crippled horses, a thousand pound crippled cow, two pissed off pigs, two busy body goats and an idiotic teenage rein-steer!

you have a parapalegic boxer who needs food/water delivered, turning and changing every couple of hours, and another starved boxer who needs feeding now four times a day.

you have two cats in cages and a group pf nutty and messy ringwormy babies and an overflowing basket of meds to hand out. you have al the big baby who is literally acting like he had his whole freaking ear cut off.

plus you have the pissing fruit loops and the molly's who poop for a mile and maude who needs to run and run and run and the little needy rug rats who all want a cuddle.

the bunnies are waiting, the international cats are waiting, the sheep are waiting, and carl is waiting too...and they are all waiting patiently for stupid little old singular you.

what was i thinking? oh yeah...i remember...12 dogs, 15 cats, a couple of bunnies, three sheep, a pig, 2 ducks and an ancient horse....that was what i was thinking 4 years ago and that is what i am thinking about today.

i thought i was so freaking smart and effective,(but not quite a saint) and i was pretty freaking good at.... selling myself off into slavery. how stupid is that???
man, i am astounded (in not such a very great way) by the reality i have created with all of my hard work and committment that has led directly to this day.

and i think este is a doorknob????