Rescue Journal

my last load of personal laundry is in the dryer

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2008

BUT...i won't get to bed for a few more hours cuz while i was sorting the freaking mass into loads, i decided to do the dishes too....big mistake, sorting clothes in my bedroom and filling the sink in the kitchen was not a real smooth move.

i did not discover my error until...water was flowing under my bedroom door. it was also flowing under the catroom door and under the gate down the hall. poor endora and harrison were sharing a cat bed on the counter right next to the sink. they were sitting up straight with eyes like deers in the headlights watching the river of boiling hot sudsy water sweep all around their little plastic island bed.

noah's ark is supposed to float in waters from the outside, not from the inside...but then i quite often get things backwards and all mixed up.

so... the only thing that i had to soak up that much water was...14 flannel sheets and a dozen thick and thirsty towels. which...i get to wash tonight....another at least 3 or 4 loads (if i stuff the machine to the max and a little bit beyond!)
the truly sucky part is i cannot for the life of me come up with one single animal to one was fighting, no one was seizuring, no one was dying, no one was having disgusting diarrhea or puking their guts one was doing anything at all except looking for higher and drier ground. ratz!

i ALMOST said...oh well, guess i can't do my laundry tonight but then i would have just kept putting off with any and every excuse and i need my laundry done. soooo... i bit the proverbial bullet, piled all the wet stuff in the middle of the kitchen and just ignored that sopping mountain til my stuff was thru.

it sucks to be a procrastinator, and a very good one and sometimes i just have to put down my foot and follow right on thru.

i will never fill the sink again and then leave the freaking room....i will never do laundry and dishes at the same time and i will never just run straight hot water again cuz it was too hot to stick my hand in to drain out the sink.

shopping in the mall without very much sleep is so going to be an utter drag...but i have xmas shopping to do because i kept putting that off as long as i could too.