Rescue Journal

X number of days til xmas (3? what's the date today?)

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2008

i got my xmas shopping done with my daughters help....AND she did not trust the saints not to get into and wreck everything so she kept it to wrap it all for me too! whaawhooo! plus i bought some new winter boots with REALLY good grips for when i go back to work. i really do not want to be laying in someones driveway again waiting for an ambulance to come and pick me up.
saints welcomes paluchie and joey...a havanese poodle mix and a boston terrier/chi cross....paluchie is 9 yrs old with a heart murmur and joey is only four but has some minor housetraining and infrequent biting issues when he is scared. they are a bonded pair and looking for a home together.

two more cats eventually coming in...monkey and the diabetic from one of the other rescues...and then i hope we are done for awhile....except there is a senior large dog at one of the shelters that i just got an email about...i will have to see if his time is up or can he wait for a little while. and then i am taking a much needed break til some of these guys find a home.

sanctuary care is all good and fine...but if no one goes out, at some point no one can get in either. it is how the whole balance thing goes.
so i have no other saints news today cuz i was gone from 9 am til almost 6 pm taking care of my xmas duties...carrie and renee and lane carried the load and i am very grateful for that today.

hot bath, an old xmas movie and a bunch of fuzzy company in my bed coming up!

oh and i should tell anyone who cares....saints land line phone is currently not working (like for almost 10 days) it rings but nothing happens not even a dial tone when i pick up so when i can remember to call shaw, i will get them to come out and fix it. if you want me desperately please use my cell or send me an email. thx



Yea thanks for that chris... I got yur message from yesterday I am at work and can't call you guys... I have no way to unblock my phone... I will call you when I get home


Anyone have any idea where I can get some winter tires ( perhaps used ) who could mount them tomorrow... in Maple Ridge...... Whaaaaaa


make sure you face your fear on boxing day...i have to work and the barn guys are going to need you.

get some snow tires...dashing thru the snow la da la da la da da...


Thanks so much Carol for taking the time in your very busy day to stop & let me guys out for a pee. I see you remembered to pick up the book & I hope you enjoy it. I have finished the other one last night ( Chosen by a Horse)and I think you will enjoy it as well.... if you can manage to find some " you" time to actually read them.

P.S. I was still a weenie & did not move my car out of the driveway, they say you need to face your fears... I will do that another day : - 0